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manta flying height?

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    manta flying height?

    i'm using a k/b and Razer CE Edition mouse, and set a certain key for the "jump" function...

    it works fine for ground jumping, and fine for Raptor use.

    in the raptor, if i hold the key down the raptor will rise continuously - fine.

    but driving a manta i can only get the thing up so far before it gradually settles back down.

    i've even played with the Razer's control panel to simulate only the "down" or "push" stroke - iso both the up and down i'd normally get with a single push of the key, but can't get the thing to keep rising the way a raptor does.

    yet i've been pancaked way up in the towers in Suspense, for example, and can't figure out how those guys are getting that far up?

    i thought of some kind of piping command, but can't figure out how to do that without it screwing up my plain 'ole ground jump maneuver.

    am i getting squashed by people using gamepad or xbox360 controllers, or something, who can just hold a d-pad down and keep going up? :-)


    The Manta can only "jump;" it cannot fly upward like the Raptor. You are doing nothing wrong. People attain height on Suspense by flying the mantas up the suspension cables.


      The manta is a hovercraft, it has a set jump height that cannot be changed. If you are wondering how the mantas get up there, then try this next time you play suspense: Go towards the end of the road on the bridges and jump onto one of the cables. Then, carefully drive up the cable until you get to the top of the tower. From there you can try to drop down to the lower levels.


        ****, you beat me.


          if i've not misread, what you describe is far as i'm aware the manta cannot fly, only hover & jump a designated "one-shot" height.. as for ppl getting "high" in suspense, i suspect foul play but i believe you might be able to drive up the suspension erm "things".. (connected to towers etc)


            lol everyone beat me..
            DM anyone?


              thanks for the fast replies!! :-)

              i thought my uber-mouse control panel, Key Tweak, IHateThisKey and k/b were failing me!! :-)

              i don't use the (normal?) W, A, S, D buttons for direction - i'm an "arrow key" kinda guy...

              i use the "Ctrl" key for crouch;
              i use IHateThisKey to free up the "App" key (and a few other tricks the full version offers),
              then use Key Tweak to "equate" the "App" key to the left "Ctrl" key for sprinting;
              and through the Razer control panel i "equate" my left mouse button to "Shift" for jumping...

              thanks all for restoring my faith in (some) technology!! :-)

              now, back to Suspense... :-)


                you just jump off of other things to get more height