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Guide to Betrayal, written

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    5 star guide, I thought I knew everything about betrayal, but I actually learned a few things today.

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    thanks for the guide...

    I never really got my hands on Betrayal ... played it a few times with bots, didn't have a clue and went on to Greed, that one was far easier to understand and to get going right away...

    but that made it clear for me now

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    Originally posted by Gate33 View Post
    I posed the above question in a thread last month and after playing betrayal a few more times I can tell you that you only get 1 point + the pot when betraying a teammate, regardless of the number over their head. I don't know if that was intended by the developers, but that is definitely how it currently works.
    oO your right, just tested it with bots. Guess I have just been too busy to notice. Thanks for reminding me about it.

    When I tested it it seemed like I would gain 2 points if the bot was worth 5 or above or something like that, dont have time to really test it though.

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    Originally posted by Gate33 View Post
    I have a question on the scoring. Let's say the pot is 10 and you betray a teammate who has a 4 over their head. My understanding is that you're supposed to net 14 points, but in my experience you only get 11 (10 + 1 point for the betrayal). What should it be?
    I posed the above question in a thread last month and after playing betrayal a few more times I can tell you that you only get 1 point + the pot when betraying a teammate, regardless of the number over their head. I don't know if that was intended by the developers, but that is definitely how it currently works.

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    Excellent guide. I think you should add something about hiding when you are a rogue. I found a cool air vent in Darkmatch that is a great place to wait out that 30 seconds.

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    Just in case it's needed for expanding the guide

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  • started a topic Guide to Betrayal, written

    Guide to Betrayal, written

    I was inspired to write this because it seems that a lot of people, including me in the beginning, have problems understand betrayal. I would like to thank Bersy for his titan pack guide's, which helped me get into betrayal.

    If you find any part of this guide hard to understand, vague or there is anything I have not covered (This is especially if you are new to betrayal), please leave a respons or pm me and I'll see what I can do

    Quik Start for the impatient ones:
    Only one player is the final winner. Opponents have a score above their head, reflecting their value if the player gibs them. Current teammates are blue. Every kill by a teammate adds one point to the team pot, shown at the top of your HUD. Teammates can betray each other using the alternate fire of the rifle, which shoots a blue beam. Assassinating a teammate gives the assassin both the score over that player’s head, and all the points accrued in the pot. However, the assassin becomes a Rogue for 30 seconds, during which he is not on any team, and his former teammates can garner a score bonus for getting payback by killing him. The score above a Rogue’s head is red for his former teammates. Once the rogue timer has counted down, the rogue can join a new team. Daggers beside each player’s name shows the number of times that player has betrayed his teammates.
    ((Thanks Northrawn))

    Winning: Be the first one to reach the point limit. Usually 100 points, but shown at the top of the scoreboard.

    Scoring: Kill an enemy (everyone not on your/blue team) and you will get the points shown above their head. This number is based on how much points they have in relation to you. Someone with around your points (+- 2 points) and lower are worth 1 point. Above that and they are worth more, up to a maximum of 10 points. If you are on a team shooting an enemy will also add one(1) point to the team pot.

    Shooting a friend (betraying) with alt-fire will gain you the the pot + 1 regardless of how much the other player is worth. Betraying will make you a rogue for 30 seconds.

    Getting a retribution kill will get you that persons value + 6. Note: the final value (person's value + 6 ) will be show above their head in red.

    Freelancer: You don't have a team. The game will try to team you up with other freelancer's or teams with a low score, I think max 3 points.

    In Team: You are on a team. Killing people will add points to the pot and you can betray your team.There is never more than 3 (2 + yourself) people in a team.

    Rogue: You have betrayed your team. Rogues have their points shown in red for those that can gain retribution points for them while those that can get retribution points are shown with green for the rogue.

    Betraying/Retribution: Betraying is the act of shooting someone on your team with alt-fire. Retribution is the act of killing someone within 30 seconds of them betraying your team.

    After betraying someone you are kicked from the team and become a rogue for 30 seconds. While you are a rogue you cannot join another team and all the people who where on your team when you betrayed them will get a retribution kill for killing you. If someone gets a retribution kill you will stop being a rogue and can join teams as normal.

    If someone betray's you while someone else is still rogue for you, the new person will become your rogue and you can no longer gain extra points for the old rogue, even if you kill your new rogue first.

    Weapon: In betrayal everyone is equipped with a special Instagib rifle. As with the normal instagib rifle it will kill anyone you hit in one shot, but you have to be good at aiming to hit. Unlike the normal rifle the betrayal's alt-fire will shoot a blue beam that can only hurt(instantly kill) people on your own team. If you kill a team mate with alt-fire you will betray your team.

    (This is only the betrayal part of the gui, rest is standard DM)
    Top Center:
    Depends on what your current role is:
    -If you are a freelancer it will say Freelancer in a yellow font.
    -While in a team this will show the names of the other team members with daggers to the right of the name showing how many succsessful betrayals they have done. Gold = 5 betrayals, Silver = 1 betrayal. Below team members, in blue font, it will show how many points are currently in the team pot.
    -While a rogue it will say, in red, Rogue and how many seconds you have left.

    Above players heads:
    This tag will show the players name and how many points you will get for killing them (pot is not included on team members). If the text is red you get retribution kill for that person, if it is green he will get a retribution kill for you.

    The people currently on your team will have their name and score in blue. Next to every person's name the number of betrayals will be shown as daggers, Gold = 5, Silver = 1.

    Tips, Tricks & Other

    Play styles:
    The newbie:
    This is the guy that will betray with 0 pot and either they don't know how betrayal works or they are just stupid.
    Pros: People might stop to explain things to you, giving you a free kill .
    Cons: everything.

    These are the ones that betray early and often, or at least try to. A pot with more than 0 points is enough to make these people betray you, or if you are just worth a lot of points to them. Shoot them first, get away from them or try to cash in the retribution.
    Pros: -you will almost never be betrayed
    Cons: -You will spend much time without a pot.
    -Others may cash in more points than you on retribution.
    -Don't get much points from the pot.
    -Small/no chance of getting those big nice pots.

    These people start betraying around 4-6 points and are the people you will mostly meet on the battlefield.
    Pros: -If careful you won't be betrayed too much.
    Cons: -You'r not likely to gain those big sweet pots.

    Long term:
    The people that start looking at their team mates around 7-8 points and that shoot on sight at 10+. These people should also be good at avoiding shots so they won't get betrayed as much.
    Pros: -You will get decent amount of points each time you betray.
    -The chance of getting a high pot (15+) is much better than the 3 other play styles.
    Cons: -People will try to betray you before you betray them
    -and you will often have to decide whetever to betray for less than you like or take the chance on retribution.

    The WTF's/Hoarders:
    The ones that go for the insane pots. If they don't get it right they won't stand out at all, but if they succseed they can go from dead last to winning with no problems. The best combination (imo) of play styles are two hoarders sticking together trough the entire match as no, or at least a minimum, of time will be wasted as rogues or freelancers
    Pros: -You can potentially score insane pots.
    -Other people will get less points for you as you won't have a high score until you get that sweet pot.
    Cons: -All or nothing.
    -You WILL be betrayed (unless you are teamed with another hoarder, which happens once every thousand game)

    On betrayal:
    -There is no 'Right' time to betray. While some times/pot sizes are better than others, your betrayal timing will have to be adjusted to who you are on team with. If you are teamed with one you know is a hoarder you can wait longer before betraying. If he is a loose gun, shooting everything you might have to betray earlier.

    -With 3 people on the team you should betray earlier than with only 2 as the two others might meet up and betray each other without you having a shot for the pot.

    -Betrayal should be avoided when the pot is below 6, since people can potentially get more points from getting a retribution kill than you gained from betraying if the pot was below 6.

    -Betrayal makes you a rogue, so in those 30 seconds other people are in a way worth less to you than if you where in a team since you don't add to the pot (which you could potentially steal). Also in this period there is no one else adding to your pot, and two people going on killing sprees can be a lot of points to the pot in just 30 seconds. Also you may not get a team right away after you become a freelancer.

    On retribution:
    -If people are betraying at low pot you you might be able to gain more points by letting the other guy betray you and then take retribution on him.

    -It's a lot harder to find your rogue and get the retribution kill if there are many people playing or a large map.

    -It's fully possible to win the match with 0 betrayals, only getting points from retribution and normal fragging. Not really recommended though.

    Fun Fact: Only the secondary fire from the modified instagib rifle can be used for betraying. Using any other weapon (for example the turret in deimos) you can kill a team-mate, get their point and a point to the pot without it counting as betrayal.

    R3PORTER: The r3porter mod/bot/whatever is bugged and will be assigned to a team when playing betrayal and, since he's not actually in the game playing, he cannot be betrayed. If this happens the only thing I can think of to do is to rejoin the server or make sure not to get any points in the pot and try to betray your way out of the team when another player joins (There needs to be enough people for it to form 3 man teams though). This is the only time I would recommend betraying as soon as you see a team mate, regardless of the size of the pot.