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should i have my ut3 settings on the low?

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    Only reason you would want to go that low is if you have problems seeing other players.

    Also on some maps, lower settings can make a difference. The three on heatray is a example of a very small advantage. A better example is the cave in the middle of Avalanche. With high settings and looking into the cave (might be from inside out too, but can't remember) a white fog will obscure everything inside making it impossible to see the people. On low settings the fog will be gone and you can clearly see everyone inside.


      If u want to have fun with graphics that fit your up-to-date pc i'd say u not lower settings at all. I spend lot of money to do that... i'd be an idiot to put textures year ZERO on.

      But if u want to glitch... or just make ur old pc run the game smoothly...

      Beware putting graphics so low in online gameplay might get u banned! (the player has special textures for the skins, the heads have different color=not allowed, close to using aim aid/trigger bot/aim bot.)


        Note that I just hate blur, red flash, and all other sorts of stressful clutter and ****.

        But how is this level of overtweaking different from exploiting or cheating?


          to say that low settings helps with aiming in my opinion is bs, but it could if you find yourself being distracted by the beautiful maps and atmosphere surrounding you