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    I don't mind if someone is new and asks questions and wants to learn but there are some things that are just common sense...

    For example, when you have FOURTY SKULLS you *might* not want to camp 10 feet from your own conduit, because guess what happens when an enemy comes into our base and kills you. Yeah, that's right, he captures them a second later.

    When you're on Morbid, you're a titan, your teammate has 68 skulls and the score is 40 (you) to 95 (them), you *MIGHT* want to step on the door button to let your teammate capture them before the other team wins. Just a thought.

    When one of your teammates has 25 skulls, you have 0, and you're both running toward a newly spawned manta or viper you might want to back off and let him have it so he can capture those skulls instead of jumping in it, driving off, and getting killed 10 seconds later.

    When you're on Necropolis, you're running across the bridge, and you have 36 skulls it MIGHT JUST BE A BAD IDEA to jump down for a gold skull when there are 4 enemies running around down there.

    When you finally rack up enough kills to turn titan, there are 2 minutes left in the game, and your team is losing by 5, you MIGHT want to cover your teammates while they make their way to the enemy conduit instead of camping in your base ground pounding your own conduit.

    Today I have dealt with a level of retardation that transcends mere noobdom and approaches the realm of sheer idiocy at its purest. My teammates wouldn't THINK. It was painful. When I did manage to win I had score of 97 or 112 and the rest of my team had 0 but the rest of the time it was just crushing losses.


    YEA! lets vent are anger on forums




        lol your funny


          When you finally rack up enough kills to turn titan, there are 2 minutes left in the game, and your team is losing by 5, you MIGHT want to cover your teammates while they make their way to the enemy conduit instead of camping in your base ground pounding your own conduit.
          Disagree on this one. Either is valid. You see.. you obviously got to that point because the enemy team is slightly stronger at attacking, and while you are covering your attackers, they might very well be already taking another route to your conduit with another 50 skulls, and if nobody was defending it? You'd REALLY be screwed. I have done the conduit camp thing several times, valid tactic, it sure as hell ****** off the enemy team and they'll call it "lame".. but then my team usually manages a comeback because I've stopped the enemy from scoring but we keep on scoring because the other team has a poorer defense. Thus, I could just as easily argue my "lame" tactic won the game. You can't really compare it to spawn camping.. They're attacking your base, they should form a strategy to beat you or stfu.

          Whether I support attackers or not is dependent on many things though. As I have said before, look what the other players on your team are doing and figure out which role is most vital to play. But in that situation imo defense comes first, attackers already have speed on their side potentially which would in most cases be the best tactic by far, and the Titan would be hopeless because it can't keep up with say, a manta.


            When you have 40 skulls, its obviously a bad idea to stay near your conduit, but it may ALSO be a bad idea to move to far from it for two reasons. First, if you are there and you got them, that's probably because you successfully defended, if you move, who else is going to defend? And two, if you attempt to attack with that many skulls, you are dead. You absolutely must have support or a hell of a lot of luck (or dare I say, skill?), else your probably better off jumping off a cliff.

            The titan doors are pretty pointless on morbid in greed. CTF they are almost compleatly required, but in greed you only have to go halfway, so you can easily do it from the top. I am pretty sure you can hammerjump out of your conduit area, I know you can from the middle, but why in gods name anyone would have that many skulls and let themselves get stuck in their home conduit I cant understand. Also, doors are 2-way. If your titan comes off of defense to open a door for you to attack the long way, its very possible that someone from the other team uses that chance to kill the titan and or run through the door for the final score.

            There are competing strategies when it comes to vehicles, the guy with no skulls says dont let the capper take it cause he might just leave it for the enemys to steal, and of course the guy with the skulls wants to take it to quickly ride over and drop the skulls. The best thing is for the guy without to tow the guy with, but thats never gonna happen. Its a question of long team (keep your enemy from stealing your vehicles, and hopefully steal theirs.), and short term (score skulls now!).

            Greed is the name of the game, it might be a bad idea to go after another 5 skull in a dangerous area when you have 35, but then again, the entire game is about deciding when it is and isn't a good idea to get more skulls, sometimes you pick wrong, And sometimes getting that 5 skull might just work out to win you the game. Besides, 4 enemys aren't so bad when you get double damage and armor for the skull, if your pretty decent the odds just might be in your favor.

            Defending your own conduit is equally as important as attacking the enemy when you are down by 5, if not more so. If the time is almost up and you get titan, do as much good as you can wherever you happen to be, you might end up wasting most of that remaining time trying to cross to the enemy while the enemy scores behind you widening the gap.

            Reasonable counter point to all 5 of your complaints. In truth, there are very few completely stupid things people can do in this game. Short of dodging into your opponents rocket, and sometimes even then, there is some sort of logic behind every move, and though some other side MIGHT be more correct, its the logic of the one making the decision that matters, because no one else's is going to get there in time to make a bit of difference.


              B0T0X> I've experienced all of that as well. **** it's annoying playing Greed with bunch of players who simply cannot think.

              Apart from what you mentioned, another thing for me that is annoying are the teammates that have 0 skulls that don't try to cover you if you have like 30+ skulls especially on non-vehicle maps. If I see a teammate with lots of skulls I run like a shooting shield in front of him no matter what is facing me, I just keep going and trying to clear off the path and don't back off and ready to pick up the skulls if he dies etc.

              Often also people consume Titan as soon as they can if titan mutator is enabled. Sometimes it's better to not use it directly. Especially if there's already several other teammates as titans. Having too many titans at same time is a waste, better saving it for later when your other titan-teammates dies for example and try to pick up skulls under protection of the titans meanwhile.


                I think dropping a manta by the enemy conduit during a successful drop is a very small price. Think about the odds that.. a. whoever sees it first will take it, rather than shoot it, which a surprising amount of people foolishly do.. and then b. if they actually take it, that said person will have any significant amount of skulls. The odds are kind of in your favor. Having said that, it's obviously more worth it when you're capping 20 skulls, vs. say, two.

                As far as attacking with a large number of skulls, it really depends on the map, and how well you know it foremost. If you have a feel for the areas with typically the largest threats, then the biggest issue is timing. Take a fast vehicle, a safe route, and do it when your largest threats have just been eliminated and they're respawning or have a while before they respawn (ie goliath).


                  i defended on VCTF-suspense had over 64 skulls at one point before i got deemered


                    I disagree with everything Botox said, well to be more precise, the reason he said it.

                    When your on a Public Server, you will be playing with the Public, Most are there to have fun, they can do what ever they want to do let them enjoying themselves.

                    If they want to sit on sculls or spin the scorpion in circles, then that's fine and dandy.
                    Leave them alone.

                    If you have problems with them, then go an a private game or lan. Playing UT3 is not a job, you are not forced to be a team player. you don't have to follow objectives. It's PLAY.

                    Unless I have misunderstood, and you were paying these people to be there for your enjoyment


                      Originally posted by Transmitthis View Post
                      If they want to sit on sculls or spin the scorpion in circles, then that's fine and dandy.
                      i wouldnt mind that if their on the other team

                      easy kill

                      but if they want to just screw around they should really do it on instant action

                      it is annoying when your team mates decide to go AFK or do nothing

                      it means each other team mate has to work harder attacking & defending

                      but it is a public server so you should expect thing like this


                        I mostly just try to set a good example.

                        If I get tired of dealing with it I'll disconnect and find another server. Or even (gasp) do some work around the house. Yes, even that.

                        I don't want to spend my time off fretting over strangers not playing with their toys properly. Seriously I wish I had nothing worse than that to complain about.

                        Those are all good pointers though. I do love being able to make a spot decision based on a quick view of the current situation that ends up helping to win the game.


                          the greed gametype is pretty cool i like it, the betrayal one isnt bad either but kind of annoying sometimes