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    Mutators on servers

    I'm paranoid about anything i download from a server. I was wondering if there's ways for server administrators to use mutator downloads as a way to install malicious software on the users system.
    I seen some mutators listed with +666+ in their names, one common one called 'Mutator loader' which doesn't make sense to me, since ut loads mutators like instagib on other servers fine on my computer. Then there's an Admin toolkit, and various ads they place on your game, understandable if it's legit.
    I doubt if a virus could be installed in a map file, but mutators sound more like the things that'd be close to the engine of the game - but maps are interpreted somehow too. I just need some reassurance regarding this before I start going into them. Maybe a green light on known mutators with a verified checksum or something.
    Alot of the time the servers with non-bot's in them are like this, so I stay away.

    I also noticed some servers that'll send you custom content with a standard map, with nothing at all listed in the mutator list, I try to disconnect from these before I finish the connection. Any reason why they can have you download something, when you have the map files, and there's no mutators listed?


    I haven't had any problems as long as i been playing this series and i've been playing it since the first unreal game, a long time. Everything you get from a server goes into your Cache folder. Its a different file format its not an executable file so no worries.


      First of all, you must recognize that paranoia is not a good thing, right?

      Regardless of whether it's possible, I've never heard of a virus being inserted in custom content in the history of UT. You can stop worrying about it.

      Here's a tip: You're gonna get a virus. Everyone gets them now and again. It happens. And it's not the end of the world. Keep a backup copy of anything important you have on a second hard drive, or burn it all to a DVD. Then stop being scared of your own shadow. The alternative is closing the blinds and never connecting to the internet ever again.


        Ok first off the 666 mutators is for a particular weapons pack that has 666 in the title as it makes it sound mean and nasty; it's safe to download this weapons pack. Admin toolkit is just that a mutator that people admining the site use for various server related stuff, it is also a safe download.

        As for Mutator Loader- well first you need to understand what it's for. Until the next patch arrives any 2.0 server with more than 4 mutators running will not show up in the server browser. In other words you won't even know that the server is up and running. Of course this creates a bit of a problem for the person running the server. Mutator Loader gets around this by loading the mutators from an ini file after the server has started. There are two ways to run Mutator Loader - 1)With Mutator Loader showing in the server browser as the sole mutator or 2)With Mutator Loader not showing at all in the server browser. Still when you connect to a server with either option you will likely be downloading a few mutators that you did not see in the list. This is the only way around the 4 mutator limit at the moment though like I said in the next patch this issue will be resolved so servers can show in the browser even though they are running 4+ mutators.

        None of these are an evil plot to infect your computer with a virus but it never hurts to ask.

        Here are links to each of the mutators that have you worried(all of them here on Epic's site):

        Mutator Loader:


        Admin Toolkit:


          Alright, thanks for all the answers.