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    Who's incharge?

    Yes, who's responsible about the Multiplay vCTF #5 (Fair-play Suspense Only!) server?

    the server was full and i've joined as a spectator waiting for a slot to be opened after a while i received this message "You've been forcibly removed from the game"

    Nobody said anything before i get kicked or even if there was a reason to kick me... so can anybody explain why that happened?

    Or is it just to make a place for their friends to join instead? cuz i didn't find any other particular reason.

    if u can enter again and play it means u were kicked by someone for some reason(think of what u said).if u cant enter and u always get that message then u were banned.

    go here: ,type ur id ,select the first channel(#mpukunreal) ,login and ask there for help(ask for an admin on the main chat,there should be at least an admin online if not try later)


      Originally posted by aCRaSSiCauDa View Post
      Nobody said anything before i get kicked or even if there was a reason to kick me... so can anybody explain why that happened? .
      Normally the message comes up when you stay idle for a long time, so that the server automatically kicks you.

      Whether that applies to spectators I do not know.


        I could join the server after that.. as far as i know "kick idlers" doesn't work against spectators also i got kicked just after one minute or so, I've been spectating on the server before for about one match and nothing happened.

        About what i said... I just joined and pressed my keybind to say [-HeLLo-] and after that somebody asked about who was spectating and i said "Me" that's all.


          This may happen when there was an admin-call on that server and at the same time no spec-slot was free. An admin will then remove one spectator to access the server to be able to handle the admin-call.

          I dont know for sure if there was an admin-call at that time, just trying to find an explanation.


            Well the admin could check through the webadmin about who's spectating.. what happened is a spectator/admin asked first.

            Not a big deal... but there at least would be a reason.. i would have more respect to whoever kicked me if they've just explained/warned before performing


              If they are coming to the server to try and catch a cheater, it's not good policy to announce it to everyone that an admin is present and he's taking your spec slot. Just rejoin and go about your business.


                there are many explanations for why u got kicked ,i dont think u'll find the answear even if the guy who kicked u reads the post he probably wont remember he kicked u

                if u can enter the server then no harm done ,leave it like this