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Kickvote - how does it work?

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    Yes, it needs to be enabled, but isnt.

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    IIRC, kickvote needs to be enabled by the admin on a particular serv0r.

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  • started a topic Kickvote - how does it work?

    Kickvote - how does it work?

    Hello guys,
    First off: I'm not a fan of kicking other players, but in some rare cases a kick may be the only true solution.
    I often meet team mates who work against their team.
    (Some make it with a purpose, others just because they are new).
    This can be especially annoying in Warfare matches, when orb carriers camp in their base etc.
    (There are plenty of examples).
    Of course me and many others write something, but the guys don't/can't listen.
    (Not everyone speaks English.)

    Or if there are cheaters.

    So, how does this kickvote actually work?
    I remember that someone said F5, but nothing happens...

    P.S. I often play on Epic Midway Warfare servers.