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Xtreme Redirects has opened a UT3 section!!!

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    Xtreme Redirects has opened a UT3 section!!!

    Introduction to Xtreme Redirect:
    Ok guys the xtreme redirect website was made from gamers to help other gamers and communities they help everyone by offering free redirect space for servers and free slots for voice servers for clans that can't fund a redirect space and/or voice server mainly they use ventrilo... And they started to host gameservers at very low prices... also they are a great bunch of guys who mainly aim to help the gaming communities.

    After a long time of being a member there and trying to spread the word of UT3 they have finally OPENED an Unreal Tournament 3 section on their forums... so guys that would be a great chance to spread UT3 there and get more players' interest to play this awesome game.

    So help the game a little bit and sign up there and post in the Unreal Tournament 3 forum whatever you like to get more people to play the game.


    UT3 Section:

    Hopefully we'll see you guys there