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    Gimme a stronger floor

    Those cowboys who built my base, made a rubbish job of the foundations, and gave it a floor that shakes to bits when a titan hits it.

    I think we should call the builders back in, and build a new base with stronger foundations, built to withstand earthquakes and titan poundings.

    i have not a real clue what u are trying to say, but yes titans are retarded


      It's pretty much agreed already that the best War games don't feature Titans. They do too much damage to the core-too quickly, often giving a team a quick unjust reward. Maybe the base floors should be soft enough for them to sink, certainly behemoth should.


        I'm just gonna quote myself:

        Originally posted by Tailsnake View Post
        Titans are supposed to be a support unit, they can't take nodes, cap flags, or score skulls in order to emphasize this, it makes no logical sense that they're allowed to attack Cores. They should work as a defender for the person attacking the core (and the game would last a little longer and may give the losing team the chance to take their prime back) as it stands, losing your prime late game = a loss. Warfare doesn't have a huge stalemate problem, allowing Titans to run the flag in vCTF would make more sense than allowing them to attack the core in warfare.


          I'm saying that titan ground pound should not work in bases.

          Nodes and other spawn points, fair enough, but there should be protection against ground pounding in a team's base, since there is no easy counter to this attack.


            If your problem is with the ground pound then would it not make more sense to fix the ground pound?


              Ground pound is fine in open spaces.

              I think it becomes a problem if a team has lost all nodes and are all spwning in the base.

              So I'm just asking for base protection against ground pound. It also helps fix the issue of titans being overpowerful against cores.

              Alternatively, just gimme 6 mantas in a base.


                Lemme get this straight... The stomp has to be recoded so that it does "not work" in areas designated as "base" (that being any spot where bots will report "in the Red/Blue base"). However, the boundary is invisible and somewhat arbitrary, so you wouldn't be able to tell where the "base" begins. Alternatively, the stomp could be made to "not work" within a certain distance of an enemy power core or flag base/conduit. Either way, the stomp has to be recoded.

                And your suggested alternative is 6 Mantas, which would likely generate another wave of "Manta is uber" and "I need to always spawn with AVRiL and Shock" complaints.

                I say just fix the stomp in some or (preferably) all of the following ways:
                1. Increase the stomp recharge time.
                2. Make the stomp affect only stuff in contact with the ground. If people time their jumps right, they can escape the damage and the knockdown.
                3. Fix the stomp's blatant disregard of spawn protection.


                  Where the base begins - ah well, now there is the question.

                  imho, where you are is critically important, and there should be a big difference if you are in a base, out attacking a node, or wandering in the woods.

                  I think to get an accurate reflection of skill, the game need to know where precisely these boundaries are. But that would need serious structural engineering.

                  But for simplified starters, within 15 seconds of spawning at a base spawnpoint should suffice.


                    If your team has been driven back to its core and none of your players has the points to go titan for defense, is the fact you're probably going to lose really the game's fault?

                    I wouldn't scream bloody murder if something was done to discourage spawn killing in general, on the other hand. I think it would be enough to give spawning players a quarter or a half minute during which killing them would not earn the killer any points, either regular or titan.


                      Thanks Epic.....

                      Titan melee doesn't knock down spawn protected players


                      Erm, dickbird,

                      Titan makes for a lousy defender. I much prefer to pancake them with a manta.