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Suggestion: Tweaking achievements

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    Suggestion: Tweaking achievements

    Currently, if I am not mistaken achievements are for client side only. Noone else but you can see them, unless - maybe - you check it somewhere (steam for example, but I never used it).
    I would like to suggest two things about the achievements.

    Firstly, once you get some achievement, it is done and no another challenge is created for you. I would love to see levels of some of the achievements. i.e. once you get 10 Head Hunters, next level will require 20 of them.

    Secondly, different players like different styles of play: some like sniping, other - flag/orb running, yet another like shooting vehicles from avril etc... I would really like to see that such styles of play influence your achievement sets and that the fact can be immediately seen by other players, i.e. on the scoreboard.
    Currently - if I am not mistaken - weapon preference is shown at the end, but some other game achievement would be nice to see, i.e.
    player A destroyed 50% of the core
    player B was locking the prime
    player C killed most mantas

    Maybe an achievement for defending the prime with the orb for 10 min. ?