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    Gaining Populace

    I am so happy that UT3 is gaining popularity. I remember hoppign on a few months ago to see that multiplayer was neary nonexistant. NOW i updated and patched up a few days ago and im actually seeing many MANY people on and servers. (btw, greed is an amazing game type)

    BUT i have a few questions.

    1. do you think popularity will continue to grow?

    2. i havent used it but one of the down falls to UT3 originally was the terrible admin / server side controls. have those been fixed greatly to help increase popularity?

    i hope to see some of you on! my name on there is Kientics Reborn

    I think the popularity will grow a bit but it is dependant on alot of things.

    Local servers: I notice there isn't a huge amount of low ping servers for me here in the UK compared to the US atleast it seems Europeans aren't running as many.

    The price on steam is still on discount and on the best seller list. Even when it ends the basic price is a steal so more people might pick it up now that word of mouth is spreading that the game is great now.

    Some kind of in game messaging about new mods Make something unreal would be great too. It's up to the players though if a new player comes on and gets owned then humiliated they won't likely go back. This happened to me with TF2 and I haven't thought well of it since.


      as long as people communicate (about the game, and in the game like if you're the only human player on the team vs 3 human players and those bots...say something) its likely to continue to grow years from now

      yes it does depend on the players. we all need to help everyone expecially the new guys out. if i ever see anyone bashing on other players. expecially if everyone else is more average assuming new players and bashing others because they won pretty much because of me. im going to say something.


        well heres hoping it continues to increase in populairty. in not gonna lie, i LOVE the UT series, but i played ut3 for maybe three or four hours when it came out and then it collected dust. i was just massivly dissapointed on how it felt so much like a console port in the menus and a few other annoyance. but it seems things have changed for the better! because i now have a new love for UT3 and i hope to see UT4 inthe future!

        and i didnt get this tattoo for nothing!


          ahh another victory!!!