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Player name above their character?

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    Originally posted by bclagge View Post
    You and me, 1v1, anytime you want. I'm off work the entire weekend. I'm not going to find you in game, just post here what time is good for you. Pick a 1v1 server in western Europe that suits you. I'm in NA btw, so I will be playing at a large ping disadvantage. This is your big chance to show everyone how running headlong at your opponent is somehow a better strategy than using "complex tactics." I'll demorec the entire thing. Even if you win I'll be posting a video of it here. Just let me know when.
    I think you silenced him.


      I want to get in line! Sign me up for the second match against Radu!

      And Radu, Shadmistress's name in game is Shademistress, you just havn't played against them. Either way I have played against you and, from what I remember you are average to medium skilled player. Though that was a while ago, so you could have gotten better.

      The problem with your thinking is that your thinking like most noobs do. I bet you if you ask any top competitive player, be it Duel, TDM, VCTF or Warfare, if they run away in situations I would guarantee they all would say yes in certain situations. Your opinion is your opinion, and if you don't want to run so be it, thats your decision. Grant you my playstyle is very similar of not running, but I don't mind dieing and i know most likely I'll die doing what I do. If I'm being serious you bet **** sure I retreat and run and try to confuse my enemy, specailly if in Duel or TDM settings it actually hurts your team by you dieing, so look at it like that to.