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A.B.C. Clan is recruiting, WARFARE TEAM!

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    A.B.C. Clan is recruiting, WARFARE TEAM!

    Good Morning everybody.

    My UT3 name's d3sm0nd.

    I'm glad to inform all you that last saturday me and other 2 ex members of Tribal clan ( me ---> asazelll changed now to d3sm0nd, Panz3rfaust and xxTyRxx) decided to left TC for begin a new clan by our own. Our clan wasn't supporting that much our beloved Warfare gametype, so that's why we decided to start a new UT life.

    Well, we are not the best players in the world. But we know how to do our job properly.

    So the point is :

    we are searching for some good skilled players to complete our team. We'd like to reach a clan size of 7 - 10 members maximum ( , please don't be oscene ).

    We are all at the begininning of a clan organization and stuff... so don't expect immediately a superb website, an amazing forum or a superfast and ping 0 server. For now we've just set up a really simple forum and a free Team Speak server. Soon we'll have an IRC channel on quakenet ( #abc.ut3 ).

    So our small requests for your possible applications are:

    - PC PLAYER!
    - a good knowlegde of english spoken.
    - knowlegde how to manage all communications systems (TS, IRC, Xfire etc etc )
    - be european as we are europeans.
    - have a working microphone
    - a minimum knowledge of what we are talkin about ( that means that we are searching good and skilled players for war other warfare clans, not the free steam weekend players )

    after those requirements.... there's anything else to add..just that we are full of rage to give and to share with whoever will join us

    u can be a boy, a girl ( ), u can hate everything or love everything.

    Our clan will always be a free group of free people. All decisions will be taken by all clan members always and whenever. Even our clan Name will be reconsidered after we'll reach the maximum clan size. We decided to use ABC just for starting from something ( and also for get all back to school ).

    so... with the big hope to have been clear enough about our aim, I benefit of this chance for say a big hello to everyone and a big welcome to whoever will join us.

    Take care.

    For any info feel free to contact us by :

    - pm from here.
    - add me on UT3 --> nickname d3sm0nd
    - mail me --->
    - tryin to visit our poor forum ---> ( yes, you must register even for write HELLO :/ )
    - smoke signals
    - gimme a phonecall (+39 )
    - whatever


    (don't let this message die )

    Hey Asa ,

    Don't know you change nick mate, good luck in your "quest" .


      thanks mate hope to reach our goal and then massacre you sxs boys

      take care


        Didnt knew you changed your nick either. Gl with the new clan and dont be so are good WAR players !


          Good players. GL in recruiting guys.


            thanks for all the wishes

            I really appreciate this

            Im just afraid that probably it's too late for doin something like, but just the time will confirm my fears...


              unfortunately my cigarettes aren't big enough to give proper smoke signals

              GL & HF


                gl A.B.C ;D




                    good to know smirna... may you join #abc.ut3 on quakenet? hope to see you there.




                        Hi. We have got already 5 players and we are still recruiting... PM or add me on xFire if you are interested. Thx


                          Love and respect for my friend panzer... but as far as i can count... we have 4 members at the moment :P




                              So u need good players with diploma in mathematics .