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People without high-speed Internet... are screwed?

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    Originally posted by |Grayfox| View Post
    time it will take to download UT3 off steam
    56k: 15 Days 23 Hours 28 Minutes 45.2 Seconds
    256k: 3 Days 11 Hours 53 Minutes 9.89 Seconds
    512K: 1 Days 17 Hours 56 Minutes 34.94 Seconds
    1,500k: 13 Hours 54 Minutes 30.86 Seconds

    if you can install steam on a friends computer who may have DSL

    copy this folder from you're computer
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Unreal torunament 3\

    & put steamapps\common\Unreal torunament 3\

    in the steam folder

    before you leave copy that folder again & put it on you're system

    so you will have more of it

    before you leave your friends copy
    Or he takes his computer/laptop to that friends house.


      If you have a laptop (or access to one), I'd try downloading from a local library or university.


        Originally posted by Eew View Post
        Or he takes his computer/laptop to that friends house.
        if he had a 16GB flash disk it would be easier

        not all ppl can take their PCs
        not all ppl have laptops

        if he does have a laptop it have to be a very powerful one inorder to install UT3 on it