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    Originally posted by Frazzled View Post
    Since previous replies seem to be somewhat random, besides basic double jump and dodge you can:

    1. double jump + wall dodge.
    2. double jump + wall dodge + hoverboard (highest non-piston/boots jump).
    3. tap piston jump + second jump. The trick for pistons: look straight down, TAP the piston and jump at roughly the same time (depends on lag), only costs 14 health.
    4. loaded piston jump + second jump, same as above but load the piston before releasing, takes a full 50 health.
    5. #3 or #4 but go to hoverboard at the end of the jump.
    6. With boots, you can dodge + jump (ala 2k4).
    7. Pretty much any of these with boots.
    Plus various of those with Feign Death tacked on, right?


      Originally posted by grasshopper1 View Post
      Can all this be done on a console with a gamepad?
      Yes they can


        Originally posted by Xyx View Post
        Plus various of those with Feign Death tacked on, right?
        Yah... and to be technically accurate I guess we could say you can also avril jump (and other weapons, e.g. goo jumps)... but to me those aren't very good. Feigning death has obvious problems, but yes, you can. Oh actually I didn't mention wall pistons (gonna go edit previous post). Double jump up against a wall, then wall-dodge-away-from wall while striking wall with the piston.

        Dan trained me to do this, but now that you know these techniques, walk around maps offline and see what you can do with them. I'll give you a good example that I'm pretty sure 99% of warfare players who have played forever don't know (again credit dan, he made me master this move at this location until I could do it easily in-game although ironically he never played warfare until much much later):

        War-Marketdistrict. Outside of each "side node" (as if you're heading towards center), there's some boxes piled up against a ledge that has vials on it. Box 1: to get on, you can simple board then jump while still on board OR walk up to it, double jump + board. Box 2: this is the harder one; double jump + wall dodge + board and you can get on the ledge with vials; you want to use the wall that's adjacent to the ledge you're trying to get on.

        You may think well that's unnecessarily hard or what's the point of that? Well, you can run orb that way and you're pretty much unstopable if you do so. There's a million examples on maps of very clever ways to do things if you have these movement tricks down for every gametype. E.g., in CTF, you can cap the flag from your flagroom sniper area in CTF-Reflection by doing a wall-piston jump (why do this? bc it cuts down time-to-cap and no one's going to hit you unless by pure luck as you whiz across the room to cap). It's one of the most fun things to do, so go explore. I'm pressing for Dan to ask bersy to do some of those nice video tutorials but so far Dan's a lazy *** LAZY DAN.



          Yeah, exploration is the key. I started exploring the new maps and already found some cool stuff in Stranded, like getting in the tree in red base, and on the roof of red base. You can even get on the upper roof of the blue base (boat)! Try this one ^^ I dare you


            Originally posted by DrUnKenSTeiN View Post
            Crazy frog by Deja Vu :

            Part1 :

            Part2 :

            Wall jump = jump on the wall and then double click versus the direction you want to go.

            But know, with the new patch, we can't do the wall jump after an Hoverboard Jump (HB jump + wall jump)...


              Another one: hoverboard trick jumping and teaching how to do them. See it on YouTube HD quality if you can:


              Here some snapshost from video itself:


              On this video there are not wall trick jumping or hooking below the raptor or similar flying thing - just basic hoverboard jumps on the street. Have fun!


                Have fun, but don't get caught by a turret while performing these


                  Originally posted by Frazzled View Post
                  I'm pressing for Dan to ask bersy to do some of those nice video tutorials but so far Dan's a lazy *** LAZY DAN.

                  Caught this.. I am actually teaching some trick jumping in the full series. Included are visual key sequences that show you just how the moves are performed as I do them. It's pretty snazzy.


                    there is some mad **** that you can do on sandstorm i know several hammer jumps for flag runs. you can hammer jump from the top of the tower where the statue is to the redeemer but u must time ur jump boots perfect to make the jump


                      Originally posted by {T5K}5thSymphony View Post
                      But know, with the new patch, we can't do the wall jump after an Hoverboard Jump (HB jump + wall jump)...
                      I know m8. Hope they'll fix it soon.


                        Jumping is on the same level as it was last millenium.
                        With default settings you can NOT:
                        -dodge jump,
                        -jump as high as another player even with double jump

                        why couldnt they just make 1 jump instead of low double jumps.
                        Jumps are so low that even with double jump you barely get anywhere.

                        Would be fun to jump high without lowgrav, board, hammer or other stuff helping out.


                          What double-click sensitivity does everyone use? The default setting of 25 seems a bit sluggish to me. I lowered it to 20 and that seems to have helped with wall jumps. What do most people recommend?


                            If you really want to try/know all the basics jump, you should try a trial server (bunny trail) where you can learn how to do them and also being helped by people on the server.

                            You should try this ip: and the map "Bunny Lesson" cover a lot of basics jump.

                            BTW there's another jumps tricks founded to get A LITTLE longuer (maybe it's a glitch but w/e). After any jump, if you feigndeath, you get a little longuer and that can help to reach a specific spot. So you can doublejump+feigndeath or doublejump+walldodge+feigndeath for the longest jump possible (without overboard or hammer).

                            Anyway, just try the trial server, it should help everyone even people who think they are good to know exactly when to do the second jump and when to do the walldodge after to get the maximum momentum as possible.

                            Enjoy and I hope it will help you. BTW my ingame name's NoRules so if you have any question, ask me. I should be on the server late at night