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Hm... Excessive Shot Lag with Weapons?

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    Hm... Excessive Shot Lag with Weapons?

    Hey, I was just wondering what everyone thought about the time between when you press your mouse button and when it actually fires on screen. Most people probably wouldn't notice but I've played UT2k4 since it came out and I'm used to a pretty quick response time.

    Enter UT3.

    Now I feel like there is a whole .6 of a second between the time I fire and the time my guns actually shoot which might sound like an **** thing to worry about to some of you but others of you understand what I mean.

    I was playing Betrayal the other night and said, "Man, I can't hit a thing but I was all over the LG in UT2k4." then another player responded, "Yeah, 'hitscan' weapons are horrible in this game."

    ...which put into words something that had been rolling around in my head for a while...

    With every weapon I have to lead my shots more than seems necessary, even with supposedly hitscan weapons like sniper rifle. I'm having to aim ahead of their skull instead of actually on their skull to get a headshot. I know leading your sniper shots like that is "realistic" but since when has that mattered in Unreal? With bots that's easy, but with humans it really starts to jack up your game. With flak, for example, I have to put a visual grand canyon in between my crosshair and my enemy just to get my primary to hit.

    Hey, maybe it's just me. I'm not whining just inquisitive...

    Does anyone feel the same way?

    I remember watching video's before i purchased the game and after watching the video i would read the comments below and they always said the same complaining thing "Why does it seem so laggy".
    I like the game but some times the lag shooting is annoying, add some real lag from a server onto that and i just hit disconnect and find a better server!!


      Lag is annoying, but I've just noticed it with shock and IG rifle. Maybe rockets too? I don't know but to test it out with shock, just go near a wall and try to pull off combos near it, like at the closest limit. Sometimes you will hit them, and sometimes due to the bad response time, you will miss.


        I think the best example of this is the flak cannon.

        When you pull the trigger, the shrapnel doesn't come out of the end of the gun for about another quarter to a half second. It bugs the hell out of me.


          I voted yes. I can't stand the delay on the shock primary and the sniper. I played about a week straight of UT3 and I was kicking noobs all over my server. A friend asked me to play UT2004 and I hopped in my UT2004 server, attempted to shoot them with the LG and it almost seemed like I was going to miss, but it was so instantaneous that it reminded me just how difficult it really is to aim in UT3. I was shooting 3, 4 times in a row thinking I would miss but all were hits. The shots couldn't have been more instantaneous.

          Granted, you get duds (non registering shots) in 2k4 and it's probably because of the lack of delays... but I'd much rather prefer that over the delays in UT3. When someone jumps towards me with 3 fully charged rockets... normally I would attempt to shoot them with shock primary to keep them at a distance but in UT3, it's like I am guaranteed to miss a few times and by that point it's too late. If UT3 aiming was the same as 2k4s... in respect to accuracy, precision and instant hits, I would survive every aggressive attack. I'm forced to adopt a different playstyle in order to survive... having a rocket launcher or spam weapon in my arsenal at all times because those close range attackers can't be stopped with hitscan weapons. I guess that's how it should be but if epic fixed the delays, who is to say the game would change "that" much?


            yea.. thats why i hate the flack cannon... whats the point in using it if between me hitting the mouse button and the shrapnel comes out the target has gone?
            thank god they made the stinger sueful.


              If you have a Logitech mouse, try uninstalling Setpoint


                Are you guys talking about the console version, or the PC version?

                If its the console version, all the games seem to have it. Just because you have people from all over the place in one server. So everyones ping varys drastically. So depending on how close to the host you are, the shot lag will be different for everyone.

                If it's the PC version, and your ping is below 80. It could be the tick rate of the server. A low tick rate will cause "dud" shots at random as well. Eg... Charge 3 rockets, they hit but don't do damage. Most regular servers are at a 30 tick rate. The best are 60 tick and higher. 80 tick is almost perfect.

                The tick rate is how many times the map refreshes everything per second. Like the people, powerups, weapon fire, etc... So its possible that the tick rate could cause these issues.

                PS: Alot of the servers used to have their tick rate in the browser name. Strange that alot dont any more, or maybe its just the names of the servers are too long to see it.


                  happens in PC offline too. only noticable with flack cannon


                    Originally posted by Benfica View Post
                    If you have a Logitech mouse, try uninstalling Setpoint
                    I have both. How come you're suggesting that? What have you heard!!!

                    Edit: I didn't vote because even though I do experience it, especially with IG , it's not common enough. Or maybe I'm used to it by now?


                      Yeah, I have a MX400 and SetPoint too :/
                      Is there something wrong with them?


                        yes the lag really exists and it has nothing to do with the mouse.i think its a way to help noobs.if that lag wouldnt exist it would be impossible to go in an open space cause u'd be instantly taken out by even the average sniper players.
                        this way u need far more experience to be succesful with hitscan weps and flak,weapons that need a great deal of aim and prediction and if u come from another game and ur very good with aiming,here u'd have to start again and u'd be ->almost<- equal to any other noob of the game .this is the main goal of the programers i belive^.^

                        the problem is if someone gets 2 good and experienced he becomes god like for beginers,u will have to chose what u want to play.if u chose warfare or vCTF(these 2 have open spaced maps where u cant run behind a corner,u have to stick to the fight till u die or win if u want to get nodes and flags) u'll need to learn all about aim and prediction beside using vehicles.if u chose tdm,dm and duel u only need to learn how to run and shoot bk(thats why i never play duel,nobody with real skill ,only runners -_-).


                          Yes, that lag is pretty annoying. Something needs to be done on that :/

                          Originally posted by radu1234 View Post
                          i never play duel,nobody with real skill
                          Sorry to break it for you, but Duel is the most skill demanding gametype, because it's the only one that you rely solely on your wits.


                            All weapon fire is 'server authority'. You press fire, a packet is sent to the server, the server responds, and says yes, you fired (and also responds whatever else is going on in the game, who you might have hit, etc).

                            If you have a low ping, it's not a problem. With a high ping, you can click fire, wait 250-500ms, then see the bullet come out when the server response that you did in fact fire.

                            The alternative is 'client authority'. Here, you click fire, if you hit something, the hit is also sent to the server too. The client tells the server what it did or did not hit. If you have a bad ping, it doesn't matter. In fact, with client authority, it benefits you to have a bad ping. Your opponent will move very slowly as his position slowly updates. Client authority is also ripe for cheating since the client tells the server who it hit.

                            If you were making a FPS and you have to choose a method, what do you think is fair? Client authority or server authority?

                            If you play on a server you have a good ping to it won't be a problem.


                              Originally posted by radu1234 View Post
                              yes the lag really exists and it has nothing to do with the mouse.
                              I mean the software, not the mouse. And I didn't say it was, I only suggested to try.