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Back to the madness :D

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    Back to the madness :D

    Wow, okay so, i've not played an Unreal game since Unreal 2, and while i did play UT2k4 a little little bit, i was mainly obsessed with the original UT and Unreal when they came out.

    I mean booting up Unreal for the first time, in an age where games were brown and grey *cough* Quake *cough*, and seeing the HORRIBLE graphic bugs, triangles everywhere, it was a nightmare..

    ........then i got my first Direct 3D graphics card, replaced my Voodoo 2. LOL Wow it was so long ago haha. Booting it up again, i was friggin shocked by the graphics, colored fog, regional fog that ended and began in open areas, wierd awesome stuff that was the bee's knees back then!
    And then UT, the by far BEST deatmatch and fps experience i had ever had, and would ever have.. Yes Call of Duty 4, FEAR and modern games are pretty **** awesome, but there is something missing, the lunacy is missing..

    So now i'm back, i did play UT3 a tiny bit when it was first released on the PC, but it was sluggish due to no patches, no optimized drivers yet and such, so i put it on hold.
    And im so glad that the lunacy is back. Amazing graphics, amazing how it still runs at mad framerates, and sick gameplay as always.

    Now, after alot of mods and stuff for UT, i have to wonder, how is the modding scene for UT3? Are there tons and tons of super-quality maps, character models and Total Conversions?
    Which map packs, character packs (?) and mods would you recommend?
    There was one mod for UT with real weapons and, i dont know, i think you bought the weapons or something. And another that was basically just a survival mode vs hordes of aliens.

    Are there any like that for UT3? Thanks
    I will of course scoop out the modding forums myself, but you always miss something, and i couldnt find a good updated ut3 mod site via google

    Just install the 4th patch(UT3 v2.0), and the Titan Expansion pack, thats all you need bro!


      Haha ok, well i bought it via Steam so thats what i'm downloading atm