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    Originally posted by JD8 View Post
    LOL, I've been a UT admin for several years and I don't kick or ban good players. In fact I hardly ever kick or ban anyone but I'll tell ya what I will kick ya for in a heartbeat. If you come on my clans server and tell me that the server sucks. I spend several hours a week tweaking, modifying, testing and uploading and setting the server to suit our paying members. Then some idiotic child comes on and tells me it's ****. I'll give ya one warning then you are toast after that.

    If you join a server and you don't like the style of play, settings, weapons, maps, etc... Just leave or go to that clans website and tell them nicely what you have a problem with. Trust me you'll make a much better impression and who knows they might see it your way. You might even make a few friends in the process. It's a lot harder to do any of that if you're banned.

    As for the "noob" that banned you. Well think of it like this -That "noob" probably pays $250.00 a quarter to host the server that you were playing on. Until you are paying the bills consider yourself a guest. Would you let that guy come into your home and do anything he wanted to?

    Usually the person calling someone a noob is actually the real noob.
    Here's a guy that gets it. Newbies, noobs, longtime players, etc., can all benefit greatly from reading this one post.