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Greed - VCTF problem - Vehicle Base Camping

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    If you only dropped your own skull when you died... then you wouldn't be helping your enemies that much on a failed assault.

    Or maybe you'd drop all skulls, but your enemies would only be able to pick up your own skull. Your teammates could come in and sweep up the rest. That would motivate them to keep attacking.

    Or maybe it could work like CTF; you'd drop all skulls, but if your enemies try to pick up any skulls other than your own skull, the skulls would simply disappear, just like when picking up your own flag.


      Conduit in our own bases?... That's a short-sighted solution. Then when people headshot you guess what, you go pick up your own skull after you die and drop it off in your conduit no problem. All of a sudden it's a camper's game instead of an actual game of skill. All of a sudden you're hesitant to kill enemies near their base because they might capture their own skulls 2 seconds later while you're desperately trying to cross the entire map just to get to the enemy conduit.

      And, it's called Greed for a reason. If you get too greedy, you're probably going to regret it.

      You should have a growing feeling of anxiety/pressure when you start to get to a certain amount of skulls that forces you to run from your base for fear of being killed right next to your conduit and giving the other team an easy jackpot.

      Case in point. I was on sandstorm just last night and I come into the enemy base. One guy is running around with like 40 skulls unprotected so I road rage him, jump out, pick them up, fly to his conduit, and drop them off. Sheesh, if I had that many skulls I'd be paranoid and scrambling to get across the map in the most discrete/fast way possible.

      After I capture his 40-skull jackpot he says, "Good cap." and I'm thinking "Man this guy is a good sport, I'd be mad but I sure wouldn't say 'Good cap' after I made a blunder like that."

      So, fast forward a few minutes. I see the same guy approaching our conduit with like 60 skulls. Again, I jump in a vehicle, kill him, steal his 3 red skulls, fly over the wall, and cap during a sandstorm.

      The final score was like 130-something to 3 or something sad like that. The guy just didn't get how to play the game. He was actually a moderately skilled player and played pretty well as far as kills were concerned, but he just didn't get it. This isn't a game where you can just run into an enemy base with 100 skulls and expect to live more than 5 seconds.

      I'm not claiming to be an amazing player or anything. I'm very skilled in UT2k4 but in UT3 I feel like I'm **** (...or that the aiming system is **** but that's another topic...) But, if you're getting to the point where you're running around with 60 skulls you'd better have a darned good reason for it because you should be capping more often than that. It's so careless!

      The guy I played with was a really nice guy and I run into him online often enough but he seriously wasn't learning his lesson... If it doesn't work it's time to -> adapt.

      In other words, if you keep losing greed over and over and over then...

      You're doing it wrong.


        Originally posted by B0T0X View Post
        Conduit in our own bases?... That's a short-sighted solution.
        I actually tried it out using the Reverse CTF mutator.

        It's... different. You have to be careful not to shoot anyone unless your team will get to pick up their skull. When both teams are careful not to give away any skulls, you will have to enter enemy territory to go get some. Dropoffs are usually small, just 1 to 3 skulls, so the Udamage never kicks in. You do not drop your skull when you suicide, so that cannot be exploited.

        Not very exciting, I admit. And bots don't get it, of course.

        Originally posted by B0T0X View Post
        All of a sudden it's a camper's game instead of an actual game of skill.
        That's not true. It takes skill to steal skulls instead of giving them away.