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Warfare - Confrontation Map Question

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  • Warfare - Confrontation Map Question

    Can someone please explain to me what exactly controls which teams leviathon gets built, and when? Is it the countdown node? (and by the way WHERE is this node and HOW does it work exactly? and why isnt it clearly marked on the map?).

    Also, what is the AIR node for?

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    IIRC the countdown node and the air node are the same. This node gives you the leviathan, if you control it til the end of the countdown. At this node are also 2 Raptors, which spawn independent of node control. There are always a blue and a red one.
    If one team has the leviathan, the node disappears on the map as long as the levi is alive.

    I hope I could help you.


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      Air node gives you air vehicles (Raptors only on that map, I think...not sure...) The countdown node is the middle one, counting from center node outwards to the left of the map... the configuration is like a "T", with each teams core at the ends of the crossbar, and the middle node at the center of the crossbar. counting down the center post of the "T", the one in the middle is a countdown node, and the one at the very bottom of the t is the air node. When your team captures this node and builds it completely either with an orb or with link gun secondary, the countdown starts. You will see the timer counting down in your mini-map at the top right of your screen. When the countdown completes, your team gets a Levi. If the other team captures or destroys your countdown node, the countdown ends, and no levi for you. Get it back, and the countdown restarts. If they capture it, the countdown starts for thier team. When the enemy core is vulnerable (your team holds the middle node by the water between the two bases ) drive the levi to the enemy core, deploy, and shoot down the tube for the win. Teamates climb onboard and man the turrets for a moving death party! Cheers!


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        Originally posted by The Demon Slick View Post
        ...moving death party! Cheers!
        HAHAHA, I like it. I've got to say, this map is pretty fun. You can also shoot down the tube at the core if your a Titan or Behemoth or with a raptor.


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          Dark slayer is correct. The raptors spwn in the air node reguardless of if you control the node.

          Behemoths can also shoot down the tubes at the core very effectively.....