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Epic, would it hurt to hire some QA?

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    Originally posted by Euxeus View Post
    That guy played awesome but he still came last so I'm not sure how much it'd help the OP.
    Must have not watched the whole movie then....

    UT3's demo playback is bugged and you are allways in last place, notice how he gets more "behind" every time he kills a person.


      Originally posted by JGabriel View Post
      Clearly UT3 wasnt tested nor played in the past 8 months since release. I dont care what you guys say, the godlike bots are a joke. Akasha can shoot before she even sees you and has dead on accuracy. Its a joke especially since you guys just jacked up the link gun damage without even testing it to see if it was fair. Until you guys get some Quality Assurance BEFORE the game comes out I will no longer support any game you develop. I have broken 2 controllers because you guys just want to take the cheap way out and not hire some folks to actually test the game.
      You do understand that you're coming to a forum full of people who have been playing unreal for years and who the bots are a total joke for an complaining about having trouble with the bots on the hardest difficulty. Seriously, watch Bebo's video, the bots are a joke when you learn how they react.