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Dodge jump plus jump boots

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    Dodge jump plus jump boots

    On Ps3 with a controller Im finding this REALLY difficult.

    A. Is it possible or is a KB/M necessary?
    B. If possible ... HELP!
    C. Can you crouch????

    A. It's possible
    B. What's your control setup?
    C. No, not on foot.


      Just tap jump 2 times (very fast). You can even do a Impact Hammer jump and then do jump boots.


        x is jump. standard set up I guess. i havn't changed it.

        Ive got the IH plus jump boot down, my dilemma is the dodge plus jump which in the PC world would double tap A or D then space

        but with a controller I cant get the jump boots to initiate.

        A huge problem in SandStorm Ive seen players make the jump across the broken bridge ... they do it so seamlessly it has to be the dodge jump plus JB.

        Also Ive seen players make the Platform from the second level of the tower, which I cannot do with IH plus Jump.

        I can do the lift jump them then hop over to the next tower and then use IH plus jump boots from the Dome Level but not the second level.

        Ive seen all the Youtube videos and Im convinced you cant do it with a game Pad. HeLP Please!!


          The trick with a dodge boot-jump is the timing; the second jump has to occur at the apex of the first. With a double jump, it's quite easy to recognize this. However, a dodge happens faster than a single jump, so the apex of a dodge occurs sooner. You have to adjust your timing to compensate... you should be hitting jump almost immediately after you start to dodge, which can be tricky on a controller.


            It's difficult to do while moving but

            Run towards the edge
            Turn 90 degrees
            Hold left/right and press X (or whatever you use to jump)
            let go of left/right and press X again

            The last part has to be done as quickly as possible

            For the second jump in Sandstorm it has to be done from a wall dodge (I.E. jump then walldodge then dodge jump). Hope that helps.


              And how do you do a wall dodge?


                Originally posted by grasshopper1 View Post
                And how do you do a wall dodge?
                dodge when right beside a wall to dodge off of it