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    Originally posted by Eew View Post
    Not true; it's also for PC.

    Ah I see! Sorry! My Bad! lol... I TOTALLY misinterpreted the report I had read the other day! Thanks for clearing that up anyway guys!

    *runs away looking like an idiot*


      You're welcome hun.. sorry if my post came off as mean... that wasn't the intention


        I read somewhere that they when said that it's going to be for next generation consoles they meant that it won't work on current generation consoles, and that the engine indeed will be compatible with PC, I just don't remember the source, hope this helps a little


          EPIC has just released the patch 2.0 and the titan pack like lecie said... They will wait for a while till they release UT4... I don't wish to see UT series becomes like CoD they release a new game every year which is going to make fans lose interest in CoD (I'm not a CoD player btw) just explaining.

          I don't think EPIC GAMES will release the new UT exclusively for consols cuz if they do so they will lose more than half the fans of UT.

          I really wish they won't cuz i want to continue playing the UT series.. I can't stand playing on a console.