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    Screw classes.

    Reminds me of this:


      Originally posted by shombowhore View Post
      it may garner more sales, but it won't be UT anymore
      Then what? UT3's back-to-the-roots approach hasn't been doing any wonders either. Rock, hard place?

      I love this game. I spend nearly every waking hour thinking about some aspect of it. I'm just not in love with the hardcore aspect. I'm in it because of the crazy weapons, the awesome vehicles and the exotic locations. I just want another sequel to the series to continue that part of its legacy, hardcore or not.

      Originally posted by shombowhore View Post
      The only way this would ever fly is in the form of a separate game-type.
      Sounds good to me, thought I'd reverse it; keep some sort of promode for the hardcore twitch lovers.

      Originally posted by i_hax View Post
      Nobody is interested in actually learning a game anymore... if they cannot kill anyone within 15 minutes of playing, they're long gone...
      They'd stick around if UT3 was the only game, but not with so many good alternatives. Any game that needs more than 15 minutes to prove that it is fun is doomed.


        XMP ruled, shame it had to die.

        I'm with you Trip62, XMP was a great game mod.

        Come on Freemonkey get XMPUT3 started!!


          +1 to the idea of aesthetic bonuses to players that reach certain criteria.

          You could slightly change the shade of blue in the shock rifle beam and explosion, give rockets more of a flame, that sort of thing.

          I think for UT3 that this is unimportant. For the next iteration of UT though, it becomes very important. If a quarter of the buying public play for stats and rewards, not giving them this means that you reduce your playerbase by 25%.