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[PS3] patch 2.0 / mod question

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    [PS3] patch 2.0 / mod question

    This is directed at people who are already using the 2.0 patch on the Playstation 3.

    With regards to using mods and the mod browser.

    If you had mods/maps installed before the update, did they disappear after the patch or were they still in the game shell?

    With the new mod browser, can you install multiple mods off a memory stick, eg; you have a root folder called maps on your usb pen which has a further 20 named folders containing a separate jam file. Can you open the maps folder, then open the folder for map you want to install (containing the jam file, then install it) and then go back to the, root, map folder and choose another map to load, or are you still required to install each mod separately via the PS3 memory stick set up?

    ... or do you not even bother using a usb pen as it's easier to download direct to the PS3?

    and finally... where else do you guys get maps from apart from I have seen quite a few people hosting lately with maps I have never heard of, and I haven't seen them anywhere to download either.