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Unreal Tournament 3 Host Problem

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    I had the same problem but solved it. Well not neccesserily the same but the symptoms were pretty much the same. Everyone sees the server but fails to connect. Simple solution was to disable all network connections(I have 4 different connections for wireless,wired,firewire and hamachi.) but the one you are using to connect to the internet(in my case the wired connection). More complicated was to rearrange the order at wich windows initialises them.

    Edit. Also make sure you don't have any firewall on or that the ports are manually added to trusted ports list in it


      Originally posted by Eew View Post
      Those ISP routers (most of the time) are not made / set up for gaming use or anything above casual internet ussage, so your problem lies there.

      Yeah, some games might work 100%, but others (like UT3) don't. I've seen this a dozen times and it's always a POS router that conflicts with a game.

      You guys should just buy a decent router. Buy one of those that accept 3rd party firmware (like Tomato or DDWRT firmware). There is no rocket science required to host a UT3 game with a real router: just put on UPnP and everything should work - no need for a DMZ then: totally unrequired.

      It's really simple: if UT3 really had netcode problems that would prevent you from hosting matches than we would all affected by it. So, the game is not bad programmed in that it prevents you from hosting a match. It's your crappy ISP router (which are, 9 out of 10, a POS). You should start a petition at your ISP so they give you a good router to use with their service.
      Boah, I had a linksys before with adsl connection and that was the same, my brother has a netgear and cannot host either... anyway in 10 years heavy internet gaming, not one game failed to host with my routers.. so yeah maybe it works with some routers but Epic could certainly have coded a better netcode that works with every router (even tetrinet succeeded in that!!!!!!!), coding a game that just works for a few geeks who know how to flash their routers with custom firmware or i don't know what, is not very smart.


        Same here
        I've tested to forward ports, disable firewall, setup a STUN server and enable UPnP, even I tryed to forward all the incomming traffic... nothing works.
        No other game has any problem to host, but UT3....


          I have an Asus WL-520GU how can it possibly not be a gaming routeur? Does anyone think we could bypass this problem by using Hamachi? Or can we even host LAN games if we have this ******* error message?


            Eew: I have a Linksys WRT54GL router with Tomato 1.21 firmware installed but I haven't tried UPnP. I'll turn it on tonight and report back with the results. Thanks.
            I'm behind a Linksys WRT54GS, and I'm able to host successfully.

            - Port forwarding didn't work for me, so I enable my DMZ.
            - This may sound silly, but make sure your DMZ is configured to the correct IP. When I got my new computer recently, I didn't realize my DMZ was no longer properly configured.
            - Try to make your friends connect via the OPEN IP command. This way you bypass any possible server browser issues (e.g. reporting the wrong IP).