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    Very Good Job

    Heej Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that you did a really great job on the patch and the Titan pack!!! Just love it!!


    It really deserves that love lol

    Notice that new players are moving into UT3 now which is great to hear

    Thanks Epic!


      Patch is great- optimizations have made game feel much better -
      New maps & gametypes are v good too

      However Titan really strays to far from pure 1 vs 1 equality, which is what UT with its DM origins is all about imo. Don't mind power-ups, but Titan ruins all premise of having an equal contest .Still each to their own I guess -and it is at least optional for the server.


        Imo it would be better when they had brought old gametypes back to UT3, like Double Domination or Assault...


          héhéhé yeah it s unfair ...though i ll try immediatly to punish that fraqn daywalker on heatray.....behemoth rules ....muhahahaha

          i reckon that noone will use titan mutator to fight in 1v 1 if they are looking for serious DM ; it s just a fun tool ;a free patch & a good idea...why cant we just enjoy....rome wasnt built in one day.....


            Good release, I hope this helps revitalize what I think is a worthy game. If we could have been at this point for the first or second patch, I think the community would be in much better shape.

            Anyway, great work. I really enjoy having more granular controls in the game and it has been very stable.