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Titans work in Warfare

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    Titans work in Warfare

    There, I've said it. I was extremely skeptical in the first 30 mins, and thought that the new maps oversimplistic, but as more and more players joined, you realise that Warfare with titans is a lot more accessible.

    It changes the nature of the game utterly from the strategy of Onslaught, to a far quicker, slicker game. The dominant team get titans so the games don't get stuck and stalemated. There is no spawnkilling anymore. You spawn with full weapons, and killing helps make you a titan, so all that aggravation is gone.

    I love Onslaught and the key decisions as to where to attack, that could turn the tide of a game - but War is something that is really quite different, and is now a lot more accessible.

    My only reservations are the lack of Avrils in lockers, and a general lack of vehichles - which means that the likes of us who can read the game will monopolise them. More vehichles, balanced with more ways of killing them is less likely to leave novices on foot.

    The other is the lack of team randomisation after each game - loosing players quit, the winning team tend to keep playing, meaning that a strong team stays strong on a server for far too long.

    - But these things are fixable on custom servers. So it's up to us to play on these servers that have vehichle zoom view, and teambalance if that's what we need - it really is over to us.

    But I can safely declare - the game is fixed - and greed is a brilliant gametype!

    Yes they work, they screw Downtown so badly that maybe, just maybe people will start to vote other maps


      It changes the nature of the game utterly - and in the direction I think that the developers wanted in the first place - where it is all a bit of mayhem, and a bit more lighthearted. I think new players will really enjoy it.

      But since it moves more in that direction, as you say, it really opens up the potential of community maps that up to now have been badly neglected. In a way it's better that the gap between ONS and War has widened. It expands the potential of both gametypes.

      Playing a bit more - they are pretty amazing. Press E (use) to get a darkwalker type roar effect.