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UTComp v3.1 compatible with patch 2.0!

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    UTComp v3.1 compatible with patch 2.0!

    UTComp is a competitive mutator that have been used into the UT competitive scene for quite a while, faust just released his latest utcomp, this version is finally compatible with patch 2.0, you can find it here:

    These are the UTComp v3.1 main features:

    UTComp3 v3.1:

    -Now possible hide player name and grey bar in spectator's hud. it bounded with showscoring.

    -Console commands 'growhud' and 'shrinkhud' now work during client demo playback.

    -fixed bug with resetting gametype to deathmatch when map list was used for 'justchangemap' voting.

    -Duel players don't moved to queue end after map change voting.

    -Instagib weapon stats now work.

    -Added some changes for best compatibility with instagib, arena and weapon replacement mutators.

    -Fixed wrong limited warmup end dectection, when players have 200hp during match and clientside demo autorecord don't work.

    -fixed infinite lift sound on dm-deck and all lifts forced to lovest position during clientside demo playback.

    UTComp3 v3:


    -added console commands Ready, Adminready, Notready, ToggleReady, Voteyes, Voteno, AdminPause, TogglePingCorrection.

    -added "join" button for spectator.

    -added spectators panel in scoreboard.

    -added packetloss in scoreboard.

    -added crosshair and armor in spectator's mode.

    -fixed bug when scoreboard don't draw status info like ping and ready when 1280x display mode was selected.

    -added 'kick' warning and 'old ut3 version' warning.

    -skin preview disabled when screen percentage less 100.

    -enabled 'Demo mask' option.

    -added 'coach' spectator mode.

    -muted DD, invisibility and boots sound when this powerups is disabled.

    -fixed bug with drop weapon when game freezes.

    -redeemer pickup not have infinite ammo in warmup.

    -fixed bug when players can't join in duel from queue.

    -fixed brightskins when player use vehicles.

    -added spectator's view switch by left mouse.

    -warmup worked in offline mode.

    -fixed bug when spectators leave can cause autopause.

    -fixed warfare bug when on next round players have after first respawn 200 hp and warmup weapons.

    -disconnect in duel/tdm not decrease team score.

    -player's hash and ip logged on server.

    -right mouse button additionally switch 3rd/first person view in spectator mode.

    -added cyrillic transliterate for hud and console chat.

    -fixed bug when sometimes UT3 v1.0 clients can't connect to server.

    -added sniper zoom crosshair color variable in ini.

    -fixed bug with game crashes when connect to server after match end and autoscreenshot is enabled.

    - v3 and all next releases use settings, stored in common UTComp.ini. A unique ini files now used for internal and temporary variables.

    -one spectator now can vote.

    -added autopause voting.

    -added kick voting.

    -added kick all bots voting.

    -added current game server demorec voting.

    -enabled 'MaxSpectators' option.

    -added voting notification with voting mode and options.

    -Added client side demorecording.

    -enabled autodemorecords.

    -added 'ForceServerideDemorec' ini option.

    -added server demo mask and enabled client demo mask.

    -serverside demos forced to 1rd view when view target changed and hide weapon.

    -added all utcomp features in demorecords.

    -added weapon fire sounds in demo.

    -added demo dumping to screenshots.

    -added ping correction for normal weapons and instagib rifle.

    -added serverside "MaxPingCorrection" option in ini.

    -added on/off checkbox in menu for disabling ping correction in owned weapon.

    -added custom "MinDesiredPing" client menu option to limit ping compensation on desired value.

    This the 2.0 version beta changelog:

    /*UTCOMPIII 4 beta1 readme */

    This beta compiled with UT3Patch4 and should fix some compatible issues.

    - utcomp scoreboards now compatible with ut3 v2.0
    - fixed incorrect weapon visibility with weaponstay off.
    - added compatibility with epic's clientside demorec.

    Epic should really take a look at this guy and hire him to their team, then UT would be such a better game. Thanks faust!

    Official site for UTComp is

    Now we just need epic to release linux servers and hopefully we'll have a UT revival =)


    this patch is quite important for DM/TDM/DUEL, cuz the weapon bug was really a pain in the ***.

    but im really suprised that faust released it so fast. good work \o/




        Cool, I was worried about UTcomp compatibility with the new patch on my server. Actually what I came here to check out.


          anyone know how to get in contact with faust?

          i know of a few bugs that have existed for a while (namely to do with stats and damage recording with certain weaps etc), but i can't see anywhere in which to provide feedback for all these beta releases.


            Someone needs to compress the files and upload them to gameservers redirect, lol.


              I wanted to talk with faust aswell, but cant find him also :|


                I have the latest beta version, but the queue is reordering everyone after each match. I didn't have a problem with this with v3.1 but this version not fully compatible with Patch 2.0. Do we know if this is being fixed?


                  Originally posted by Emig5m View Post
                  Cool, I was worried about UTcomp compatibility with the new patch on my server. Actually what I came here to check out.
                  I noticed your server only has stock maps on voting screen. Most noobs don't know how to use UTCOMP to change maps, you may want to update that.


                    Originally posted by hypno View Post
                    Epic should really take a look at this guy and hire him to their team, then UT would be such a better game. Thanks faust!

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