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    Thanks for your input Sniper and Rypel. I will update the first post soon, with all this info andrelevant links

    Sniper, just to add to what you said. Its often required that you install the mutators used in the Demo 'manualy'. For instanceif you have uptodate UTComp installed via autodownload forom redirect and record a match, when you go to replay the demo, it will say 'UTComp verXX not found - download already attempted'. You will have to manualy download and install the version required. I don't know if this is the same for all mutators, but it is for UTComp and thats the most important one reegarding Demos.
    Btw, is there an archive of old versions of UTComp, thats really essential..

    Some more info on Server Side recording:

    And a server admin called Kulla setup and auto record-upload demo host for his server. Info on how to set this up see the above links. The service seems to have stopped atm:


      Originally posted by cdiddy View Post
      is rypelcam out yet for 2.0?????????
      yes, it is