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Whats The Best Kill You Ever Got ???

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    Whats The Best Kill You Ever Got ???

    the 1 annoying thing i find is when you get the sweetest frag and u just cant show it sum1. i got a kill on penguin on shangrila in a duel, we was up at the double health opposite the link and near the stinger and i was down on the floor near the u dammage and he used his jump boots and he was very high in the air i used my jump boots and jump to the right and it was like i saw it in slo mo HEADSHOT i had to stop playin for like a min just to take in how awsome t wwas

    im sure that u would like to tell sum1 about a mid air moving combo or whatever list it hear

    ColossusSlayer (tRi_Colossus )

    i must say i did a good one yesterday, there was a guy on the other end of the map. and i had one shot before i ran out of ammo. so i saw this guy and thought "im not gunna get this" but thought i might as well try. so i fired and.....HEADSHOT :P


      In UT3?

      Well... I haven't played much until now due to horrible stability problems, but they have decreased significantly so I can put up with the occasional crash.

      So far my favorite is probably in Greed. I forget the map but it was like 6AM March 5th and the Titan Pack had just been released about an hour earlier (but many of us had found download links a bit earlier than the official release ). There are just a small handful of us online but we were playing Greed for the first time ever and having a blast.

      We were on a pretty small, relatively linear map and everyone kept dying in the middle area so the skull count got MASSIVE. Plus, there were multiple titans at points so the skull count just grew and grew, yet no one ever captured them.

      I thought to myself, "Okay, I'm going to track this guy down," because I hadn't seen a big number in a while so I go on the enemy's half of the map and just started laughing when I found him because I look over to this pool of water and see a big fancy "123" hovering above the water.

      The dude has this massive treasure trove of skulls and the most logical thing he can think to do is dive into a 5ft. deep pool of water? ROFL

      So I dove in, flaked him point-blank, tons of red skulls exploded out of him and I'm scrambling around underwater about to **** my pants picking up as many skulls as I can before his whole team rushes in there and fires rockets up my butt for raiding their treasure chest.

      After spazzing around for as long as I could stand gathering his red skulls I run into their base and am met by three enemies, but they're so frantic to kill me that they all completely miss me and I got the game-winning cap. I must've had like 90 skulls because our final score was around 120 and we only had 30-something skulls beforehand.

      I just laughed and laughed. I will never know what that guy was doing hiding underwater.



        I had the rifle and was jumping across from where you pick up the link gun across the open area with the bushes below to where the two health packs are opposite.

        The top player in the match was jumping from the bridge after picking up the stinger towards to damage amp. in the middle of the open courtyard.

        I fired mid air while he was mid air - effectively going in opposite directions to each other (but in parallel) and bang - HEADSHOT !

        We both laughed about it for a long time after that - it was one of those WTF type of shots.


          My best Kill ever was while I was falling from the Bridge in Suspense I made a Headshot!


            Dunno about "best kill ev0r", but some weeks ago I was on a Torlan pub and there was an enemy Raptor flying around ov0r their base. I shock prime'd it until it blew up, killing the driver, then the wreck falls...

            ...and pancakes the very same driver after he respawned