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Feedback for Greed and Betrayal gametype

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    Feedback for Greed and Betrayal gametype

    They both are great gametypes. Me and my friends played some online matches and here our general thoughts about these.


    This mod is fun but there is 2 things that needs to fix.

    First and most importantly when you take a skull, screen should be flash or it should make a sound like weapon pickup. You really cant understand if you take the skull or not. The skull animation on right upper is small so its not a good way to let you know that you take the skull.

    Secondly when you kill an opponent the skulls which they drop bounce too much. I think it should be better with less bouncing skulls. But this one doesnt counts as a problem actually if you want in this way, just our thought.


    Since i hate instagib i didnt except that i like betrayal this much. Its awesome, well done Epic

    This gametype is awesome like i said but its too confusing at first. I played lot but i still have questions about this.

    First of all, does game make random teams or trying to make teams balanced with using scoreboard?

    And secondly what defines the point in our head. Sometimes its +1 and sometimes it is +3. I thought it was because of double kills etc but it changes with scoreboard. And it would be good if we able to see the points on our head.

    A detailed tutorial/manual would be good for this gametype

    Thanks Epic!

    You are not even supposed to be playing the gametypes yet, so don't expect an answer from Epic. But don't worry, I will be releasing some very great tutorials on these gametypes as soon as the expansion is made live.


      Well i thought i can help before its release if there is a problem. We all want Ut3 alive


        My tutorials will be as detailed as you could expect from Epic themselves. I will have it announced on all the major community sites.


          For Greed:
          At least in Beta 3 I find the sounds loud enough. But I cannot remember if the sounds were already as loud in Beta 2.

          I would have preferred more natural skulls (with a glow of course) over the stylized skulls we have now.

          Apart from that: awesome gametype.

          For Betrayal:
          I had preferred if the teamcolors would be as in teamgames. One team red and one team blue. The roques have no teamcolor though. Apart from that: quite funny gametype but Greed will keep me from playing that.