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    Q6600 @ 3.2 ghz
    4g ddr2 800
    evga 780i mobo
    BFG GtX260

    I game at 1900x1200 resolution, with all settings maxed, with vsync turn on cause of screen tearing (my monitor is getting old ).

    60fps (limited because of vsync) it never goes below that.


      AMD Athlon X2 6400+
      2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR800
      74GB WD Raptor
      SoundBlaster XiFi Fatal1ty Edition
      Dual 7950GTs (non-SLI)

      I play at 640x480 resolution, windowed mode. Rofl, no joke.

      I can't run SLI cause I'm running 3 monitors atm. My gaming monitor is a Samsung 22" widescreen 2ms. I get a constant 90fps, graphics aren't too important to me lol...just a steady frame rate. Plus I'm a poor college student.



        DualCore E8400 @ 3,5GHz, 4GB OCZ-RAM, 8800GT OC @ 1680x1050 (Vista x64)
        constant 60fps, no fps drop (with Vsync enabled!) not maximum settings, but very high (dynamic shadows disabled, Highpolychars disabled, a few INI tweaks)


          (same as in sig)

          E3110 @ 3.75Ghz, not 4Ghz anymore
          4GB Mushkin EM @ 1040mhz 5-5-5-12
          EVGA GTX280 1GB @ 666mhz core, 1220mhz mem

          Running 1920x1200

          I'm CPU limited at about 250fps at highest settings. I run lowest settings though, averaging between 250 and 330fps.


            With the specs in my sig I get 50+ FPS at 1280x1024


              DualCore E8400 @ 3,0GHz, 2GB RAM, Ati Radeon 4850 HD. 1280x1024 with all settings turned on/at max.

              FPSs usually 80-90, on few maps 50+


                core²dudo e6300 (from 1,86 to 2,48 overclocked)
                2 gig ram @ 837 mhz
                2x nvidia 8600 GTS SLI

                details low
                -> locked fps at 75 (tft makes 75 Hz...making fps and Hz same works most perfect)
                -> unlocked fps 70 till 160 fps


                  System spec below

                  The benchmark started at 2/24/2009 1:38:03 PM

                  System Information
                  Operating system: Windows (TM) Vista Ultimate
                  System memory: 4.0 GB
                  CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
                  CPU speed: 4033 MHz
                  Sound system: indeterminable
                  VGA Information
                  Graphics card: indeterminable
                  Memory: indeterminable
                  Driver version: indeterminable
                  Benchmark Information
                  Benchmark type: Flyby
                  Demo: vCTF-Corruption
                  Motion Blur: Disabled
                  Hardware Physics: Disabled
                  Anisotropic filtering: 16×

                  Resolution: 1280×1024
                  Score = 116 FPS

                  Get some dipping problems on certain maps. Most people wouldn't notice. Irritates me to death though. Most people don't notice the entry lag on most servers (timing difference by half a second or so), but I do.


                    some amazing performance specs guys this was exactly what i was looking for, thank you peeps


                      i have change my AMD AthlonX2 6400+ (3.2ghz@3.3) for the last phenomII 940(4x3ghz) just have change completly the game ,all seem so fluid on a quad and my "results" in game are totally different:i dont have the feeling to be a noob playing with pro players ....i can finally fight and win tooo....frustration hav gone with ma old dual

                      for the gfx adding a second one in sli havent improve the game as much as the cpu change

                      UT3 IS A CPU EATER

                      1680 x 1050

                      fps around 100;but with the dual i sometimes had decent fps (70+) a correct ping (60) and no fluidity in moove and in visuals....the feeling to always be late on others....since the quad ....the feeling have fly away


                        If I turn vsync off I average between 70-110+ FPS depending on what map I,m playing, specs in sig. Oh, thats at 2560x1600 with 16xAA, 16xAF, texture filtering on high quality, game setttings on max with a fov of 100 on Vista 64 and the nvidia 182.06 drivers.


                          C2D e8500 @ 3.6ghz
                          4GB RAM
                          GTX260, the old 192sp one.

                          1680x1050 all settings maxed, usually get around 80-110FPS, sometimes dips down to ~40 in heavy combat.


                            pentium4 at 3.3 ghz
                            3 gigs ram
                            9800 gt

                            texture and world at 2 shadows on 42 fps max smoothed resolution