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UT3 on PS3?

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    Originally posted by 8800gtrox View Post
    you can set d-pad or analog for dodging, in unreal championship 1# xbox the d-pad was only possible way to dodge you couldnt dodge with analog they said it didnt work digital extremes , but ut3 proves it works lol.

    but using d-pad is very similar to using keyboard wasd buttons for movement/dodging or arrow keys.

    hell even analog.

    auto dodging makes ut3 on consoles not a unreal game.
    You mean that only way to play UT3 competitivly is on the PS3 bc every user runs the game on the same way (no ini cheats, locked fps for everyone, no aim-bots), right? Stop flaming the consoles, jackass: we are here to stay + we got your UT3! Or did you get ours?



      What has this world come to ?


        Is it normal practise for winbots to come and flame PS3 topics? If you don't have a PS3, why come in this topic the 1st place.


          I still play daily, mainly during the day. Normally I end up hosting my own custom death matches as the ping on other peoples servers is always over 250 which make the game unplayable.

          With the current lack of servers, on the whole, I'd say there were very few people playing right now... although I'm in the UK/EU where the minority of PS3 players are so that figures... weekends seem to be better for volume of players, but I work all weekend so I don't get on much then, which currently leaves my window of opportunity very small lol!


            Holy ships! Im tired of this bias! Losers aren't welcome!

            Originally posted by 8800gtrox View Post
            What are the specs to ur computer? download this program save to desktop, click cpu-z.exe when it opens click the mainboard tab and look see if ur motherboard has a pci-e/express slot. report back specs.

            you might aswell get real version, console version no comparison to real one on pc.

            Screw you... and screw all of you that keep flaming! I.AM.TALKING.ABOUT.PS3! STOP.BASHING.360! AND.STOP.BASHING.CONSOLES! GET IT? GOT IT? FYOU!


              Originally posted by NAZAR3NE View Post
              Screw you... and screw all of you that keep flaming! I.AM.TALKING.ABOUT.PS3! STOP.BASHING.360! AND.STOP.BASHING.CONSOLES! GET IT? GOT IT? FYOU!
              Just ignore him: he has a GFX card as his user name, says it all...


                Ive been playing the PS3 version since it came out solid. i bought a ps3 just for UT3 and i will never regret it ive met loads and loads of people on there and have beeen in the same clan for a year on there and we play clan matches every week. the mod support is great always new maps to download and the TITAN PACK is gonna be so sick. i will admit there are no where near as many people playing it as much as gears or COD but i prefer a community where u can get to know every1 and get help improving

                add me when u get it and ill throw u some tips and introduce u to every1

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                  Originally posted by Tailsnake View Post
                  I have both and I enjoy playing on the PS3 more (mainly because it has smart dodge and dodging on the PC using a controller is difficult in the best of situations). The difference between both versions isn't as huge as you're making it out to be the PC version is a bit faster, removes the annoying auto-aim, has much better hit boxes, and a bunch of little features that I wish were on the PS3 version, but at the end of the day being able to dodge well (and not having to use a keyboard for movement) >>> a few improvements to the game.
                  Well said man.

                  I have all 3 i played on PC with the controller and as you put it "Smart Dodge" is a must for me when using a controller.. If the pc version could be played with it id be back there in a heartbeat.

                  Right now i play on both the ps3 and xbox but what sucks here is the ps3 version is noticably slower than the xbox version in default movement speed and as of now the xbox may or may not get the update

                  All i hope for from the update is for either the pc version to get smart dodge or the ps3/xbox version to get a PC hitbox PC speed mutator.


                    Please watch the flames guys.