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    I've been wondering for a while, how does the ranking system work (for pc) and at what fights do you get ranked?

    I know so much that you get ranked for playing on pure servers, but some times when I finishd playing on one, and chek my rankings, nothing has chinged since the last time I cheked, whats up with that ?

    If any one could give me a link to a FAQ about this, or could explain them to me, I'd be thrilled

    O and a question on the go, what does the U mean next to your name evry so often after a round.

    THX in advance

    Well this has been covered a lot here, and I don't feel like searching for the threads for it, but I'll explain it in short.

    First the U Symbol next to your name is a ready indicator. If you press fire while waiting for other players before the match you will get the U. Simple as that. Some will say without it it won't record your stats and what not, ehh who knows, I'm always so **** ready to get playing I've clicked so i couldn't really say.

    The Ranking system goes by ELO Rating. It is a system used in Chess to figure out the ranking there. In theory it would work if it was just duels or DM, or even TDM. You can google ELO there is a lengthy explanation, but I'll sum it up. ELO is a number the higher the number the better ranked you are. The way it works is asically your ELO can go up or down depending on who you kill or who kills you.

    So say you have a 500 ELO, and you kill a guy with a 1000 ELO, you would get ELO points off him, and lots of them because he is ranked higher than you. Now say he comes back and kills you, he would get some ELO points off you, but not as many as you got off him since you are a lower ELO than him. So in that instance he would have to probably kill you twice to get the same amount of ELO back off you that you took off him for one kill. Now in Theory this should work accross the board if it was just based on kills alone. But I'm pretty sure they based your ending points in a match to affect how much ELO get, could be your position on the leader board as well. Either way you get extra ELO points for that. So Basically that means if you want to get ranked high and fast, you need to play top ranked warfare players. Most of the top 100 are warfare players because they earn way way way more points than DM'ers, CTF and VCTF'ers could in a match due to nodes being like 7 points a piece and they go up and down throughout the match and the PowerCores are worth 60 points alone for just one round, ect.. ect... you get the picture.

    That should explain the basics of it, though I dont' think anyone really knows how the points or the leaderboards affect ELO points in a match, but they have to due to warfare ruling the top 100.


      I havn't played UT3 for long, maybe a good 2 weeks, so i'm wondering whats considerd a good ELO and world rank.

      Currently my ELO's 1995 (acording some site i found, becuas i coudn't find it in game) and my world rank is 8627 ...