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I would happily pay for the Titan update/expansion pack

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    Originally posted by Designer0101 View Post
    No way dude. I think that EA made the first step to real disaster taking money for something which should be basicly free:

    The downloadable content! Man, even Bethseda follow this trend with DLC for Fallout 3.

    I am realy sure that if consumers dont stand up against this trend, we will in very near future pay the PATCHES, pay per MAP,pay per skin,pay per install(which DRM pushes so hard,)....Think about it, DLC is realy a ground testing to see if average consumers are dumb enough to buy something which should be free. It is realy sad that consumers are starting to be treated like brainless sh*t which will buy for everything thats not free.(and part blame is us, for letting this happen)

    Thank God, Epic is still not corrupted by this sinister big company ways...
    Well said.


      I think epic/digital extremes always been about free stuff and if i was dev i would be same also, but if they did charge for it would buy it i would like to see some destructible maps made officially by epicgames, that would rock to have atleast a few official destructible maps.


        **** i know epic's always been about free stuff i know, i hate saying i would pay for something, but if they did release some destructible maps i would definitely pay for them.

        But foreal i have seen people on forums talking about buying ut3 because of this free expansion pack, free download content will lead to more game sales, than charging for content would.