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Proof the cicada needs fixing...

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    Proof the cicada needs fixing...

    Cicada Billibew 09h 49m 31s

    -billiblew, bless has spent 9h of his life in the wretched UT3 cicada - more than anyone else - but the cicada is by far, less used than anything else.

    People have spent at least 2 days in all other vehichles, but nobody loves the cicada..

    The paladin's pretty unloved too thanks to initial shield damage going to the pally, and the projector switching off so easily. But the cicada's unerring ability to hit trees and walls, leaves the poor hulk to rust.....

    But 10 days on a hoverboard.... Wow!

    Well, the hoverboard gets used constantly as everyone has it by default.

    I agree the Cicada is bonkered. I don't agree that measure the amount of time spent in it is a way to prove that. It's only in two stock maps, and it's essentially instant death on Torlan. Dusk doesn't get much play time. So, being in less online matches than any other vehicle would of course net it the least play time.


      The secondary seat fire is pretty good, almost like the nemesis but an additional secondary fire flare that confuses avrils. Had fun with it on a custom map(the one with a forest and a big lake) in one of the map parties.

      Agree with the OP overall though, I think we can rename it the Flying Coffin.


        the ONS 2 team was going to mod the cicada, well we did slightly. I believe part of the problem with it is that the vehicle moves faster than the rockets and their trajectory which makes it pretty hard to have any kind of precise aim unless you are sitting still which "Flying Coffin" is a perfect description. Slowing the vehicle speed would make that worse. I havent been able to find any satisfactory results when tweaking the Cicada rockets and gun. Completly redoing the projectile flight to shoot straight might be the best way to go.


          Cicada owns. My clanmate danimal (go c1!) was practically gushing about it in private chat and I've always thought it was a waste but now that I see how he uses it I agree. It owns. You have to get used to sitting in seat1 for moving, then popping to seat2 for the guns. Think of it as a portable turret.

          The trump card is the anti-avril flare. While gunning in seat2, your big vulnerability is avrils. Just use alt-fire to drop flares for incoming avrils. It's devastating if you do this properly.

          1) Use it as a vehicle supressor (works VERY well against tanks - note you can hit the tank from farther back than it can hit you, just get out of range and go to town, the tanks shell will come up short; it also works well against all ground vehicles, scorpions, hellbender, etc; obviously works well as good anti-air).

          2) Use it as a node supressor (takes down a node as fast as spamming primary plasma; the range is AMAZING, you can sit half way across a map and take down a node in seconds; best yet the fire is somewhat unobtrusive, so most players wont even realize you're hammering their node).

          As mentioned if you view it as an air Nemesis, that's pretty spot on. You just cant fly around in seat1 and think you'll do much good. Whether Epic intended this is an open question, but it can be utilized very well if you know what you're doing.



            The problem is, and I'm sure people agree with me here, is that some people don't know there's a 2nd seat, or don't realise how deadly the Cicada can be with two skilled people in.

            Here's a tip: Lock onto a node with the right mouse button, then quickly hide. Once all bullets are almost loaded point your Cicada up (point, not go up). Sneaky tactic number one.

            The gunner seat is SO handy. Rapid powerful fire and the ability to shoot a flare that distracts avrils!

            Come on people, use two people in the Cicada!


              The cicada needs 1st person view and both rockets hitting the same spot.


                Better with the Mutator that uses your mouse to change your view. I'm not good with that Cicada thing, but I've seen people do really well with it.


                  The Cicada seems to work pretty well on TrainCrossing.


                    The problem is, when someone uses the Cicada he instantly rises in the air so no one can get in the second seat. In a driving Goliath for example, you can easily get in the second seat, but a flying Cicada is a different story...


                      Which is why you actually should only have one person in there as I mentioned above. Putting a 2nd player in the cicada is a waste.

                      One person who switches seats is very effective. Two people is a waste of someone who could be doing something better. If you aren't adept at switching seats in vehicles, learn. It works very well for many vehicles:

                      -Hellbender, seat1 is generally best, but there are absolutely times when you should pop into seat2 and use it as a portable turret (e.g., hit an orb carrier at distance to knock down or kill, also very effective against incoming avrils).
                      -Tank, obviously seat1. BUT, there are many times when a quick switch to seat2 (especially against air) is very useful; also incoming deemers are often used against tanks, pop seat2, denied.
                      -Levi, obviously seat1. BUT, if there's something annoying around you and no one's manning it, the shock turret is a quick jump and kill.

                      And so on. One person per Cicada, just learn to switch seats on the fly.



                        In Ut 2004, I had a keybinbd to switch seats quickly from main to turret, then it would switch back on release,

                        Now just a toggle key is the best bind I can seem to do - on c switch from gun use weapon 2, change the bind so that on pressing again use weapon 1

                        But re the mouse zoom mutator - yes, that will fix it - because that's the problem with it. That zoom mutator really should go onto steam.

                        ....And on that sad note, why is everybody mistaking me for a noob today

                        p.s. re levi, the autoshockball turret is far far more lethal than the primary as long as you are playing noobs without snipers.......


                          Just in case people are not getting his point: it's not a matter of how skillful someone is, how he should learn and adapt and how easy or hard the (new) cicada is to master. It's a matter of liking to fly it, not a matter of being able to be fairly good with it.

                          As I said, my main gripes are that the cockpit covers 1/3rd of the FoV and the rockets behave differently. Yeah sure, I can work around it, forget the UT2004 cicada, learn new tactics and be (very) good with it. But one thing is an worthwhile challenge, other is a **** that you stop caring about


                            Originally posted by Sanch3z View Post
                            Completly redoing the projectile flight to shoot straight might be the best way to go.
                            That would take away its Cicada-ness and reduce it to a Raptor ripoff. If you're having trouble pwning stuff, first fix the view so that you can actually see what you're shooting at, and if that is not enough, just increase the splash damage radius FTW.


                              I don't "like" it, so I hardly ever use it. only 54seconds logged.
                              While it may be useful and when understood a great asset, most people just go right past it or just use it as transport.

                              Don't really know the reason for the dislike, its just not right.

                              There you go thoughts from a random person.