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    thank you, now i will be able to enjoy the real UT3 experience! andy recomendations on maps or characters or extras, i really want the action cam i know that.


      According to eurogamer's hands-on preview of the Titan pack you will be able to save mods directly to the HD so the flash drive method will probably be for those mods still in beta or blacklisted.
      Previously, PS3 owners had to ***** about with Flash drives; now it's all installed directly to HD, after which the new content - whether it's maps, gametypes, characters or mutators - will appear in the relevant menu.

      Not sure if this thread has been updated w/ any new stuff but it has a good list of PS3 Mods:

      You can also visit for additional mods plus it already has the userdata.jam file for download.

      Other mods to check out:
      DM-SteamTemple -
      DM-Worm -

      DM-Morbias - PSN Store - UT3 Map Pack
      CTF-Searchlight - PSN Store- UT3 Map Pack
      CTF-Face - PSN Store - UT3 Map Pack

      VCTF-BadVibrations -

      MUT-Mr. Pants' Excessive Overkill -


        I'm rocking PS3 UT3 more than ever thanks to all the cool stuff at UT3MOD.COM. The UT99 Classic Map pack is the answer to my prayers!


          mouse is made for pc tbh using it on consoles is a waste of money and time unless your willing to fork out for a good one. do you play on 360????


            The only game play on ps3 is mortal kombat and that is all i need to play lol im lame


              Originally posted by KurlonT View Post
              Yep only one USERDATA.JAM file per removable storage device using either the PC or PS3 download/import method.

              Downloading and Importing mods using the PS3 browser
              Thx for the explaining that. -I can't seem to find it on the utmod site from that link, i'm going to paste that info in your code on my own intranet forums.

              UT3 was the first game I bought for the PS3.