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4th Day Playing, Any Tips?

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    4th Day Playing, Any Tips?

    Just started playing and I'm trying to pick up on as much stuff as possible, but it seems that on some servers i get rocked so hard. any tips?

    The best tip I can give is to just have fun and don't get discouraged. Some players have been playing almost a decade now, and you will likely never come close to beating them unless you play consistently for the next 5 years.

    Apart from that, try to play in servers with players who are better than you, but not so much better that you can't kill them. I personally think TDM/CTF will make you a better foot soldier, but then again, I don't bother with vehicle game types because I'm a die-hard fan of the classic.

    Also, if you're interested in learning moving shock combos, check out my sig. And practice offline! Bots are a good way to practice if human players are too difficult, and you can also get a hang of the game without having to deal with latency and old-schoolers wiping you across the map. ; )


      Originally posted by PandaMayhem View Post
      Just started playing and I'm trying to pick up on as much stuff as possible, but it seems that on some servers i get rocked so hard. any tips?
      Some useful tips in this thread:

      Mine is...Do lots and lots of Offline Practice, I have only just started getting better...7 months I've been playing



        Movement , practice double tapping in every direction and get the click speed(ms) that best suits you. Without dodge you're a sitting duck, heck, even when dodge thrashing those keys, with all the grossly over-rewarded spammy stuff in UT3 it often feels like that .


          Don't try any hard moving combos yet. You can try these: Fire a shock ball, walk directly backwards, and fire your primary weapon to create a combo.
          Tips: Fire rockets at people's feet (you will have a higher chance of hitting them)

          NEVER stop moving around, then you will be an easy target

          Use the right weapon for the right situation, Ex: don't spam rockets when the person you are fighting is half way across the map.

          Use sniper/mini/shock primary for long distances

          Use shock primary/combos/mini for mid distances

          Use rockets/flak/link gun for close range battles

          You need to learn how to dodge, just double tab quickly in the same direction with your movement keys, then you will "leap."

          Assign weapons to certain keys, they need to be around your movement keys, so you can quickly switch to another weapon and still keep moving.

          I would stay away from ctf, there are a few of non-n00b friendly people in the community. I would just have fun and play on alot of dm servers, warfare servers, and vctf servers. You might like warfare and vctf the best because there are vehicles you can use which are pretty simple to kill people with.

          Last, you should get in involved with the community. Hanging out with clan players is a really good way to learn all the little tricks of ut and they can help you get better. Download xfire or Mirc, and have fun! American mirc channels: #ut3pugs #ut3ctf European Channels: #mpukut3.bta #mpukut3.warfare
          And here is my clans website if you wanna post on our forum


            Don't walk in straight lines.

            Practice, Practice, Practice.


              Off topic, but to reply...sad truth is, stinger/mini seems to own all at mid distance. On the maps which it's available, it's becoming the weapon of choice, especially on full servers, for both noobs and good players .

              Too much spray and pray for my liking, part of the grossly over rewarded spam problem with the noobs and it's just too **** effective for those with good aim. I don't want rid though, I would prefer a better, more effective shock to counter it. I mean we don't even have the shield gun now. For the most part, true side to side dodging, moving combos in the ut2004 sense are now hard to hit , most pause to hit, then dodge for this reason. I don't know whether the core hitbox gets smaller when moving or if it's the input delay, but the shock has never felt right since UT3 was launched.


                Yeah stinger is good for medium distance battle.. close battles require Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher.. that's just how i play i'm still not that good but i'm getting better now

                Just a very little tip that helps with Flak Cannon try to aim just beside your enemy at the direction they're heading to.. i think that's because of my ping which is always over 100 that if i aim right at the player i don't hit him.

                And always dodge don't jump that much


                  Rule #1: NEVER stop moving.

                  Try to play on servers that you have a good ping with. It may not always be possible to find a populated server that you have a good ping with, but when given the choice you'll have a much better experience on a low ping server.

                  I wouldn't be trying to shock combo right away. Stinger, rockets, and flak should be your weapons of choice.

                  If you play on vehicle game types, learn where the avril locations are, and never forget to pick it up.

                  The best players are all good deathmatch players regardless of what gametype they like. Getting good at deathmatch will improve your skills overall.

                  Yeah stinger is good for medium distance battle.. close battles require Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher.. that's just how i play i'm still not that good but i'm getting better now
                  Your right, but with the stinger you can usually jump/run backwards and keep them at mid distance. Actually this brings up a good point: Most/all weapons are a matter of range. Up close = rockets/flak/link secondary, mid distance = shock combo/stinger/link primary, far = shock primary/sniper. Switching to the appropriate weapon for the range involved is very important.


                    try beating campaign on hard keep trying till u get it this way ull get the basic knowledge of movement and shooting after u beat it try going online in a DM and keep playing until u get a good K/D ratio then eventually mvoe ur way onto dueling so u can get better with movements if not atleast spect. dueling so u can see other players movements then practice them


                      Originally posted by Infra` View Post
                      ... you should get in involved with the community.
                      This is very good advice. Especially if you have a mic. Join one that has a Ventrilo or Team Speak server. That way, you can get advice while your playing.

                      Your best bet is to play online as much as you can. You can even spec the better players to see what kind of movements they make and what weapons they use in specific situations.


                        What gametype you are playing. Basic deathmatch is good way to learn all weapons, but knowing map is more important to win, so you can make your own route to collect health and armor.
                        In Warfare and vCTF its important to know how vechiles work and what they are good for. Scorpion wins agaist Manta because its ammo "always" hit. I see every week players(still they are sharp and good 1-on-1 match) who dont know that Fury accelerates on sec mouse button or Night Shade comes visible and moves faster. Just try mouse buttons, jump and crounch key to test.
                        Thinking and using tactics is good part of warfare game too. If first node is already being build with 1 guy, I go second node with Orb because its ready when I'm there. And if there is nothing important to do, I just defend Orb carrier.

                        Most important: Just play, you will learn automatically. Spectating leading players is good way to see how to play well.


                          Spectate, Spectate, Spectate!

                          Join a game and watch the higher scoring players, you will learn tons of stuff.


                            Originally posted by jiiihaad View Post
                            Scorpion wins agaist Manta because its ammo "always" hit.
                            It depends if it isn't modded, like all ours are.

                            Originally posted by jiiihaad View Post
                            ... who dont know that Fury accelerates on sec mouse button or Night Shade comes visible and moves faster.
                            Very good points. If you see something someone is doing and don't know how to do it, don't be afraid to ask. But don't be too persistent. There is nothing more annoying than trying to play and having a team mate asking a question every couple seconds.

                            If you find a server you like, see if they have any forums. Check to see if they have any hint or tricks.


                              Practice on line with people that can own you.See what they do and learn from them.Its a skill based game so you will need some time to get the hung of it.When you do it will be great.Just dont get discouraged.Also try to find some threads in this forum.(sorry about that but you prolly need the word noob,n00b to search or use as a search word help or something)

                              Here's a link with some ini etc links to help you customize the game :

                              Hf and take your time with this game.Soon tou might own.

                              Btw try to avoid lame tactics like spawn killing-camping to get kills.It takes more time to become a decent player than a lamer but it feels better.