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    Short character mod survey

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a student who is planning to design and model a character mod for UT and out interest I just wanted to ask people who are passionate about UT and even GOW a few questions about what is it they like about the characters of Unreal.

    What character is your favourite Unreal character?

    What do you like about this characters appearance? E.g. Character physical form, characters sex or race.

    What do you like about the look of the armour/costume?

    How important would you consider the characters back story to be?

    How does your choice of character affect the way you play Unreal games? E.g. Do you play more tactically, aggressively, strategically, defensively?

    SKAARJ! MIA from UT3.


      I don't like any of the UT3 characters tbh, too blobby and without personality. The slimmer characters of the original UT, and 2k3/4, was much more interesting. The 2k3/4 characters had much better (though not perfect) animations too that added a lot. Abaddon was one of the better models in 2k4 imo (but I always played with Gorge and force model..).

      Back story doesn't matter at all to me, but I know it does to some.


        The UT2003 character animations were sad. They all ran like they had a stick up their asses. The UT2004 characters were an improvement, but UT1 had better. All honesty, I think Unreal Championship 2 had the best. They just seemed to flow better. As for UT3. They may not be the greatest, but they are by no means "bad". Sure, you could improve them in some areas, but they're not going to annoy the hell out of me every time I see someone run by my screen like the UT2003 ones did.

        As far as favorite characters. I always tend to use the female character in UT games. In UT1 I used a female war machine. In UT2004, it was the redheaded chick (can't remember her name). Kind of reminded me of BloodRayne (The game, not the movie. Movie was ****ing horrible). In UT3, I most of the time use Lauren with a helmet.


          I miss all of the UTGOTY skaarj variants. : (

          They were awesome. Nothing particular about them, apart from they were my favourite when I first started playing UT, so they have a very nostalgic sense about them.


            I like UT2004 Gorge. Don't know why he just seemed like a TANK of a guy.

            UT3 character seem to have very bland, blank faces. I don't even know if my guy has his eyes open. And my characters fingers keep falling off. I think he has leprosy.


              I always use GOW character ,sound is good,and they always say"F*** you!!" LOL


                I like the UT1 Malcom. He looked cool with his glasses and army-ish outfit.

                UT3? Don't really have any favorites. But now I'm using a Iron Guard with a bulky chest mod and no shoulderpads.

                What I like about characters in general? I always look for characters which fit the game (see Legendary_Lee's Rankin and Hyora for example). I will not download characters which look out of place when I'm playing (I'd never use the GOW characters in UT3 for this reason).

                Backstory isn't that much of an issue for me (in UTs atleast).

                Make them fit the game and take time to make the quality good, then you've got a downloader.


                  SKAARJ! (flips dreads)


                    Nice feedback guys, I get the idea that most of you don’t like the heavy space marine type amour look of some UT3 characters. Personally I like the look of the characters in UT2004, the human amour did look as heavy as UT3 so I totally agree with what most off you are saying.

                    I may post some very early concept drawings of a character mod I have in mind,it would be cool to find out what people think of them.

                    Anyway for now please feel free to add more comments : )


                      sizzigy ut 2004 the yellow armor and the consistant way that it was made was what made my vote but i gess (misspelled probobly) carmine from gow 1 would look cool


                        I like Fate, she is a mouthy lil b****!!!
                        If she could jump more like a bot i would keep using her but she don't...


                          Originally posted by Flamegrill View Post
                          Nice feedback guys, I get the idea that most of you don’t like the heavy space marine type amour look of some UT3 characters.
                          You're right. I don't like the space marine's almost impossible to tell the characters apart.

                          I prefer (scantily clad) female characters. The character that I see most clearly, most often, is my own...after getting fragged It's really quite simple from there...if given a choice between looking at a guy or a gal...the gal wins hands down.

                          My fav character is Unpretty ... from UT2004, in the Dangergirl custom character pack. In general, the character's back story doesn't have any effect upon my preference. However, Unpretty, in addition to meeting the criteria in the previous paragraph, had a great line in her story that made her THE choice:

                          "Age: Deceased
                          Race: Human
                          Data: Back from the dead, and ready to battle, this zombie was raised by eldritch and archane means to pursue a winning record in the Arena. Whether this will be successful or not remains to be seen, but being dead has not hurt her performance so far."

                          In UT3 my preferred character is from Evil Engine's X.E.N.O character pack. She is extremely well done and deserved to win her award in the MSUC. The only "problem" with her is her back story doesn't have anything that stands out in my most characters.


                            OK... Everyone hates the bulky armor of UT3 but ask people what characters thay like in UT2004 and lots and lots of people say Gorge. Maybe this is a case of people needing to reailse and be carful of what thay wish for.