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why is no-one on the custom map servers?

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    why is no-one on the custom map servers?

    whenever I search the warfare servers, firstly there's tons of servers and almost all of them are empty and secondly everyone seems to be sticking to the servers that only do the maps that come with the game. Don't people get bored of them?

    Does anyone actually like playing custom maps?

    are there servers elsewhere that fans of custom maps are actually playing?

    Its sad but true that in overaul, people dont play on custom map servers... but a little part of the community try to put custom WAR maps on their servers, and make regular custom WAR maps events.

    Have a look here if you want play on servers with custom WAR maps (for europe):
    - UFR-*Night of Chaos
    - «ne» Custom Warfare Map Night

    And a little bit of publicity: i opened a steam group "UT3 - Warfare and custom maps": Join and support public warfare with custom maps!


      People are not willing to download Custom Maps, and on a more personal note, a lot of people ruin their custom maps by sticking horrible music in it.

      My server is redirected and downloads pretty fast but apparently the hassle of cleaniing one's cache is too much for some.


        When the game first came out, the reason there were no custom Warfare maps being played was a redirect issue. The redirect issue was fixed, and then the reason for no custom Warfare maps became the missing package issue (that only came up sometimes). Then patch 1.3 came along and fixed that; UMG, the main (North American) Warfare server, put custom maps on and we played them for a while. We fragged on the BeachFront and at a MoltenCore, conquered the world via Imperialism (ugh!) and many more! Slowly, they were played less and less until we were stuck playing the same stock maps over and over again.

        I suppose there's a couple reasons for this. For one, people like familiarity. Some people seem to like sticking to what they know. There's 24/7 Torlan servers that always seem to have people in them. Another issue is that people tend to vote maps that are at the top of the map list (in UMG, that's the stock maps). No one scrolls through the maps and picks something toward the bottom (perhaps some don't realize there's maps down there since there's no scroll bar?).

        So the first few people that vote usually pick a stock map at the top, and then the rest of the people voting have to choose the lesser of two evils. Do you go with StockMap1 or StockMap2. Voting for a custom map isn't going to accomplish anything because you'll be the only one voting for it. And we all die a little inside playing Downtown, Floodgate, Islander, Torlan, and Avalanche again.

        That's how it is in UMG (North America) Warfare server. No idea about European servers. Probably just as bad.


          yeah - it seems about the same here. - it took me a short amount of time to realise you could scroll down the map vote. but there are servers out there with tons of custom maps on; if every person who actually make a custom map were to play on it, it would be full.

          personally, I think it's the download time which is the biggest issue and I've suggested elsewhere that it would be good if the next map could be downloaded during gameplay but I don't know if epic will ever make this possible.


            Originally posted by Calum View Post

            My server is redirected and downloads pretty fast but apparently the hassle of cleaniing one's cache is too much for some.
            how do you clean your cache? does it make a big difference to dowload speed?


              Sure at the begining, redirection problem was very bad for custom maps / contents, but i think the major problem just come from the UT3 community:
              - It seems that people dont remember how to download and install maps in their game... moreover map files size are... big, so its really better to download and install them instead of waiting for the long redirection server
              - people seem to like playing stock maps... where they can camp and exploit to make their frags: camping goliath on downtown 's prime, camping goliath/bender at Islander's air node (even if all barricades are destroyed), camping nightshade at floodgate, torlan's baserape with SPMA/goliath, etc... it seems that the spirit of game is gone, i am not condemning all the WAR community, but a big part of it, whereas the other little part tries to contribute and developp the custom contents given by our skilled UT3 mappers/modders community...


                i agree with the map size of ut 3 maps. compare these figures just for fun:

                unreal 1998:
                DmDeck16 - 809 KB
                DmCurse - 1351 KB
                DmMorbias - 574 KB

                unreal tournament 1999:
                DmDeck16][ - 846 KB
                DmCurse][ - 1368 KB
                DmMorbias][ - 619 KB
                DmPhobos - 1564 KB
                DmStalwartXL - 1395 KB

                unreal tournament 2004:
                ONS-Torlan - 7327 KB
                DM-Deck17 - 31.086 KB
                DM-Curse4 - 5754 KB
                DM-Phobos2 - 12.387 KB

                unreal tournament 3:
                WAR-Torlan - 71.027 KB
                DM-Deck - 40.577 KB
                DM-Morbias - 28.688 KB
                DM-StalwartXL - 41.477 KB


                  I've not understood how the scoring is worked out at the end of the game as it's not really all that interesting but I've noticed that on some games I've played, it was obvious that I played a major part in the winning side by doing something like defence of a crucial node at just the right time (just luck I happened to be there of course) but you don't get points for that.

                  I remember it took me a while to figure out where to put the custom maps I'd downloaded from various sites - it would be good if they could just automatically go where they're supposed to.

                  still - I'm going to check out the tuesdays and thrusdays events perhaps they'll grow.


                    The new BGE warfare server is hosting custom content but it currently has some redirect issues. When that is worked out I know our server will have players on it.

                    Sadly, the real problem is the online population isn't big enough to break the monopoly of the current server list. To do it we need enough people to fill two servers consistently, not just the 1.5 we do now. It's almost big enough but not quite. With luck there are some nights we can get the other clan servers running and full, but usually everybody is on the UMG suckage.

                    I think another problem that we all seem to forget is the crappy built-in mic support of UT3. I started playing unreal tournament with UT2K4, and the voice/mic system worked great. Everybody used it and there was a lot of communication. During a map vote, it was easy to get the vote to go towards a custom map because you could vocally whine about it and most people will cave and go for it.

                    In UT3, you are lucky to see the people say "Vote carpark-se!" in between all the player leave/ player join messages in time to actually matter. I notice when the clan servers are full and we are all in ventrilo talking, we can easily get custom maps voted for.


                      I recon putting a start time on the server name would help - I often just log on, find a server with someone on it and end up sticking to it for the rest of the evening. but if it said 8pm start in the name and it did custom maps, I'd leave the other server at that time and log in.


                        I'm sure it's the download time. Half the connected players will disappear when a custom map is voted in, because they can't continue until they've downloaded the map.

                        And it's not unusual to for a large map to take so long to download that the match is over before it's done. And if you're lucky, there'll be another custom map in play and you'll have to download that one too.

                        This leads to people avoiding the custom maps. Both because they don't want to stare at a download screen for who knows how long, and also because they don't want to watch half the players instantly disappear.

                        Some have said they'd like Epic to include some of the better custom maps in their expansion pack, or packs, so that these at least would be likely present on most if not all players' machines by default. This would help.

                        Epic could probably release such collections on a periodic basis without exhausting the available material.

                        I don't know what kind of a deal it would take to make that happen, but I think it would be a good deal for everyone involved.


                          UT3 is short of players as it is. And those that do remain simply can't be bothered to download new maps for the most part. Look at all the VCTF Suspense only servers!
                          To me, to play the same map over and over again couldn't be more yawn inspiring. But I must be in the minority because the Suspense only servers are generally quite full. Or perhaps there really is that many boring people out there??

                          Secondly, there are some brilliant maps out there made by the community. But you really have to have a good rummage through them to find the good maps, as theres lots of bug ridden trash out there too.
                          And yes, the hefty map sizes don't help either..

                          Having said that.. Hedsteems custom VCTF server has no real problem getting a good crowd on there And thats custom everything! Not just maps..
                          In Europe, the Decent VCTF server is also good for custom content. But this is the server that proved to me that most people are lazy and can't be bothered to try new maps.. Load a stock map there and people come pretty quick. As soon as the map changes to a custom map, everyone makes their excuses and go scurrying back to the safety of their Suspense only servers. How boring, and brain numbingly frustrating!



                            It would be nice for some servers to submit thair map packs to epic for epic to put up on a dounload page it might also give the servers themselves a bit of advertiseing.


                              i no why pll dont play costum maps
                              there only good at the stock maps
                              it will be great if epic seport the costum maps