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Recruiting: TAW (The Art of Warfare, is recruiting

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    RECRUITING: We are looking for UT beginner or veteran players who are at least 15 years old and are respectful to others and want to learn to act within a team and improve your skills. It doesn't matter how good you are, we don't judge, we also sucked at one point. It's all about the fun of playing together with great people.

    The UT3 (pc version) division of TAW ( currently has 30 members. TAW as a whole, is made up of over 735 members split up over about 13 PC games. TAW provides a multi-game environment dedicated to fun and respect and learning. Each division/game acts independently within the TAW organization.

    We have an IT department, graphics department, multi-media department and we have people who are skilled in getting every last fps out of your system. If you are having trouble running the game, we can help.

    Some of our core rules are: no cheating, no swearing, respect all players (TAW members and pubbers).

    We are international and are military themed. The UT division currently has people from USA, Greece, UK, Canada, Croatia, Norway, Turkey, Denmark to name a few. The UT division is split up amoung 2 battalions (1st battalion (Europe) and 4th battalion (US)). This is done to help with practices with people in your geographic area for time zone reasons. Each battalion has at least two organized/sheduled practices per week.

    We have 3 game servers up. Look under "" or "The Art of Warfare" in your server browser.

    I invite you to go to our website and check us out. Join in the fun and learning.

    Thanks, and frag you later

    TAW_Quagmire [UT DC]
    Xfire: quagmiretaw


      I applied. It seems like TAW is the kind of thing I've been looking for. We'll see how it goes.


        Hey Mistaver,
        I saw your appilcation and will be approving it asap. I sent you an email, can you read it and answer a key question.

        Welcome aboard, we look forward to playing with you.


          Originally posted by hoigaeensdood View Post
          Everybody who's looking for a challenge but can't find it on public servers anymore should check TAW out. I did the same a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked back since.

          Friendly people, good players and nice teamwork makes for a lot of gg's.
          Sounds sexy. Have low-ping Greed servers? I think every veteran gamer hopes to find that awesome group of team players. I played with the same group of guys for years (House of Carpe.. Used to be Spawn of Chaos... Has some former members from Omnipotents...) in UT2k4. They're a great bunch. I've longed for a group like that within UT3.

          Maybe this is it?


            can't hurt to try us out.
            Check us out at

            TAW_Quagmire [UT DC]
            Xfire: quagmiretaw


              Hey TAW,

              Is your clan interested in playing in any kind of ladder or tournament? We have WAR, VCTF, CTF, iCTF, TAM, ONS, TDM, 1v1 Duel and others over at Fraggednation if you or anyone in your clan wants to organize friendly matches or what ever.

              Give us a shout if you are interested.


                Hey Chaotic Cannon, we're actually (recently) signed up for the VCTF ladder on fraggednation, and some of our members are signed up for 1v1s, I believe. Thanks for the shout out.


                  cool, cool. Just making sure people know about it so they can play to their heart's content


                    I'm currently replacing my dead MX 518 so my bansheepad sits ashamed with a mouse unworthy of it's surface. Also maybe getting an HD 4850 512MB soon to replace my not-so-hot onboard HD3300 with 128MB of sideport memory. So, here in a couple of weeks if you're still recruiting (Not sure if this is a limited thing or an ongoing thing) I'll give you a look and see if the servers are good for my area.

                    I saw you guys play some Freon. I played that for years in UT2k4. In fact, I'm friends with the guy that fixed the memory glitch that used to cause it to crash. ^_^


                      TAW has been around since 2001 I believe, we will be here and we are in constant recruitment mode.
                      We never turn down an applicant with the minimum standards of:
                      -minimum 15 years old
                      -able to work within and want to be part of a team
                      -understanding/willingness to help those who are not as good as you
                      -good personality that won't cause problems within the group
                      -Skill level doesn't matter, this is supposed to be fun.

                      So, come on in when you are ready, we'll be here.



                        -I'm 9
                        -have a superiority complex
                        -deny the existence of fun

                        I'm sure we will get along great.


                          APPLICATION DENIED!!! lol
                          We'd be happy to meet you.


                            Join the Warfare ladder! Please please please please please please please please please please please please


                              we had a great video made by salvinorin a little while ago. the only bad part about the video is it shows me dieing more than killing =( here are the youtube vids but u can download HQ somewhere.
                              part 1-
                              part 2-


                                I'm just curious, you keep recruiting here and the player base is already so small. Isn't that the exact opposite of trying to make the community grow?

                                How many ut3 players do you have, 20+ people? Most clans have 10 or 11 at the most. Why not split up so there more clans to challenge?

                                I have no problem with any of your guys, I've played a few of you and people like GuitarSlim and Hero are cool. I just don't think I agree with your recruiting philosophy.