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Will the Expansion include full 3.5 engine features?

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    Will the Expansion include full 3.5 engine features?

    With all the hard work apparently put into this expansion by Epic, it would seem a waste not take the opportunity to include the new 3.5 engine features.

    Does anyone have more detailed info on this, or better yet...could Epic please confirm or deny whether 3.5 will be part of the expansion or not?




    Well the expansion seems to be more along the lines of a Huge Bonus pack not a complete non-backwards compatible Expansion so the chances are that it'll still be the same version of the Unreal Engine. No Soft Body Physics for us.


      Bring on engine 3.5 I say!!!!
      One can only hope!

      It appeared to me there was a major expansion plus a 'titan' bonus pack. Did I read wrong?

      I'd hope that ther expansion brings 3.5 while the titan pack brings new maps n vehicles plus the assault gametype.


        The expansion is coming in 2 parts A patch (1.4 i guess) and a bonus pack called the Titan Pack hope this clears things up


          there is no official Unreal Engine 3.5 version, don't know why people call it that permanently?

          i would call the improvements for GOW2 (ambient occlusion, water, soft body) more a inofficial update to version 3.1

          neverthless, me too want to see such things coming with the expansion.
          would be cool when maybe new maps could be build with "ambient occlusion".

          maybe the "better character lighting" point in the patch changelog is a hint.


            Is this for PC too. I sure hope so. I seen on XPLAY that UT3 for PS3 go some big patch.


              Originally posted by bn_avit View Post
              The expansion is coming in 2 parts A patch (1.4 i guess) and a bonus pack called the Titan Pack hope this clears things up
              It would clear things up even more if you gave a source from where you got this info. ;-)


                Definitely want those features in this "expansion" or whatever it's called. Would be nice if they added some better control over lighting/shadowing techniques (shadow volumes/stencil shadows anyone?) so that people could make day/night sequences with their maps. Also would be nice to see some more control over what render to texture actors actually render... maybe add a feature such as rendering channels. Then mappers can specify what actually gets rendered by them so as to increase performance.

                My biggest thing with the day night sequences is that it would be really nice to have in WAR and VCTF maps with long games so as to indicate the passage of time. Not to mention it would make some of these maps seem more like a dynamic world rather than a static one.

                Just my opinion anyway.


                  it will be nice if epic give us Content Browser, Lightmass and other nice tools


                  It's now possible to create very simple soft bodies