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    **** after looking a min theres all kinds here thanks me

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    PS3 Mods

    does anyone know a real good place to get mods besides they havent updated in like a month i dunno if they just aint got no new mods or what but the latest post i found was in December around the 15 i think

    also wile im at it if its cool i would like to request some character mods if thats cool...some horror characters would be nice if someone could make them

    Freddy Kruger(would be best mod ever),
    Jason Voorhees,
    Pinhead (boy that would be F***ing nice too)
    Mike Myers

    and some random crazy ones that would be nice

    Jack Skellington
    Snake from Metal Gear Solid
    Raiden from Metal Gear
    Some MK people (Scropion, Sub-Zero, Jax, Noob, Smoke ECT.)

    but anyway if someone could hook me up with a few alternitive sites that would be cool and if anyone has links to any of the models i posted that would be sweet if you linked me