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Anyone covert old maps? like the PLUNGE?

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    Anyone covert old maps? like the PLUNGE?

    Sup all!

    I am looking for the older UT2003 PLUNGE map for UT 3. Anyone have it?!

    GAH I so want to play this again with my partna! we used to kill each other over and over on it and it was soooooooo much fun to push someone off the edge!

    Killer jump pads in it also.

    let me know! I am dying for it!!!!

    I think there's an automated utility for that, probably over in that other section. I'll put a link here if I see it.

    nnnnng. Seems to be an somewhat unfinished product. Never mind links I see so far don't work. Out there somewhere I suppose

    Ok this seems to be it. Or something like it. Version 0.22, whatever that means. And a fix. And a readme. No idea what will happen if you try it. Have fun.