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What's your favorite stock VCTF map?

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    What's your favorite stock VCTF map?

    Artsy fartsy discussion begins below.

    My vote is for Necropolis, hands down.

    The selection's not very good if you ask me.

    Sandstorm - Was fun until it became the shining example of how the Nemesis is over powered. This map is base rape to an extent never seen before.

    Suspense - vCTF = Vehicle Camp The Flag fest. Fun map, but often a horrible stale mate with each team hiding in their base.

    Necropolis - Gets my vote. It's the best stock vCTF map.

    Corruption - Let's make a long narrow map with a big open space where hitscan can dominate. Now let's place a rock so the Nemesis can avoid AVRIL lock but still hit the entire center of the map. Now let's see how long of a stalemate is actually possible!

    Containment - Not a bad map, somewhat underplayed compared to the others.

    Kargo - Yuck.


      Yeah, I always tell people, Kargo is a prime example of "just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD."

      I mean, its an awesome piece of kismet to have it bring out that tank and drop it off (although they maybe could have figured out a way to have it work if the tank is left empty and disappears...), but that tank just destroys the fun factor of that map. All of a sudden one team can't get out of the base for 5 minutes until someone sneaks in to destroy the tank. Then it respawns and the stupid starts all over again.

      See TarydiumMiningCaveV3 for an example of how that same concept can be used to *enhance* a map, instead of destroying it.


        necropolis is my favourite map here..

        the rest like SO's


          Necropolis is clearly the best map of the lot: speedy, balanced and both fun in vehicle, on foot and even snipers can get their kicks. Unfortunately on the public servers most people seem to agree on Suspense. I am waiting for the first vCTF server without Suspense because every time it's voted for my mood drops a few degrees.


            In pubs it's Necropolis (Just a nice overall balance, it's better on consoles sans Nemesis too)

            For clan matches I prefer Kargo and Containment (Both maps encourage teamwork and communication quite a bit)

            Why exactly do people hate Kargo so much, is it soley because some people camp the tank in pubs and without communication or good teammates that can really mess the other team up?


              containment, besides the fact i like the music


                necro, followed by suspence (always good when its even). corrution is just imbalanced by the fact necris vehicles can jump or climb, and can shoot across the map as a result, makes it a camp fest and long pointless games.
                containment is acctually a good map, but no one play it.
                when i play on VCTF servers its always kargo and flaming corruption, with a bit of necro in between >.<
                kargo is a pointless map, yea great a tank gets shiped in, thats cool, just because you can do it..doesnt mean you should, or at least use it a way its balanced.


                  Suspense is played to DEATH! Its actually a great map, but my god, im sick of the sight of it.
                  This really isn't helped by certain server admins that decided in their wisdom to make a bunch of yawn inspiring Suspense only servers. Zzzz

                  I voted Sandstorm for my favourite, but I like Necropolis a lot also. Kargo & Corruption are just awful. They look nice, but play terribly.

                  6 stock VCTF maps is pretty weak, isn't it? Particularly as only 3 of them are especially playable.



                    2 of those VCTF suspence servers have necro... but no one plays those anymore

                    sand is barely playable, so many exploits on there, than and so people seem to see through the sand, and fury needs balancing


                      happily get's in necro sometimes, but is mostly playing customs.

                      EDIT: i'm also trying to sneak into other gametypes and learn more, but i like vctf!


                        definalty necro
                        my runners up are kargo and containment. kargo is really fun and i dont get y people hate it so much. its really not that hard to kill the tank.

                        containment is great but for some reason never gets played? maybe thats because people cant easily camp and there is no sniper on that map. i think it almost ties with necro


                          because it is hard to kill someone not noob in that tank,
                          there is no where really to snipe on containment, i like the fact the tank can't cripple the game on there but work well in some positions


                            Corruption can produce some very good games as long as people dont start camping with the walker and tank. As soon as that starts I tend to leave.

                            Necro is probably the best, very balanced and a decent selection of vehicles. Could do without the nightshade though (spidermines...).

                            Suspense is so horribly overplayed I actually have nightmares about it. Its funny, because it is actually a decent map.

                            Containment is a bit boring, too flat and linear for my liking, but it is quite enjoyable if you get a good match going on it.

                            Sandstorm is okay, but the gimmick (oh noes a sandstorm) stops being interesting and starts being hugely annoying after about 5 minutes. Its certainly the quickest to play if the teams are unbalanced - it only takes 1 person and the fury to do 3 caps in a row within minutes.



                              I think balance is the most important factor for a vCTF map. The sides don't switch between rounds. If you get the weaker side, you get the weaker side and that's that. That, I believe is what makes some vCTF maps terrible. Corruption for example. If you were to mirror the Necris side and give both sides Necris vehicles it would probably play pretty well. That is also where Kargo fails. True, the map is technically balanced, because both sides have an equal opporunity to get the tank. However, once one side gets the tank the gameplay becomes so imbalanced it seriously detracts from the fun. True, other maps also have up-for-grab vehicles. Those maps aren't quite so dominated by those vehicles though. Necro and Containment are good examples.