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    audio issue

    hi i just installed ut3 but im having a strange audio problem. the sound is distorted and crackles. here are my specs:

    athlon 64 x2 4600
    2 gb ram
    evga 8600 gt
    creative audigy 2 zs
    msi K9VGM-V motherboard

    ive updated all my drivers, tried reinstalling, and even a different creative card but no luck

    There is a trouble shooting section , you know. Do you have video card over clocked? Also not enough info try again with a more detailed spec of your pc in the troubleshooting section, thank you and have a nice day.:P Your hardware is a tad behind, xfi's are nice.


      Hi, i have this same problem. I run UT3 with 1.3 patch under Windows 7 (built 7000), next i chose Gateway map, and after 10 sec. i have sound broken. After i quit the game appear windows blue screen and this reset my computer. My specs:

      Athlon X2 64 3800+, 3gb ram, Gigabyte GeForce 8600 GT, creative audigy 2 zs, installed windows 7 (on windows xp i'ts OK).

      IMO there is a problem with openAL system under Windows Vista/Seven. I hava latest drivers for sound & video card. There is some patch for UT3, or sound drivers? Anything?

      PS sorry for my english, i'm still learning


        I have an old Audigy 2 and had the blue screen problem. Updating the drivers for the audio card fixed it.


          I have latest drivers for Audigy 2 ZS v. 2_18_0001 (from 17 July 2008) for Vista (works almost fine on Windows Seven ). Blue screen appear after this sound issue in UT3 and quiting game. If i don't run game - there is no problem with blue screen.

          I hope that i don't need to wait for patch 1.4, and there is another solution...