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Please Epic give these folks a little help

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    Please Epic give these folks a little help

    What it takes for someones legitimate issues to be taken seriously. When will Epic stand up and realize that not only is it wrong to steal from the publishers and the developers who rightly are due fair compensation, but it is also very wrong to impose restrictions on a product that steal the rights of a consumer who expect to use the product they purchased without limitations.

    There are two issues, the cd key and the gamespy login. Both are attempts by Epic to control piracy. Unfortunately, these issue's have crippled the product and have persisted for more than a year to this day with little hope of a resolution!

    The problems have many workarounds, but there is one sure cure; a change of policy endorsing the end of both cd key and GameSpy sever login. Really are either needed to play online? It's not like we need these to play UT2004..

    There are so many great folks in this community who are really trying hard to save this game, please Epic give these folks a little help...

    Ugh, this is a dumb thread. UT3 is one of the few games that doesn't have any DRM like SecuROM. The game doesn't even require the disc after you've installed. There's many complaints you can place against Epic for UT3 but the cd-key and stealing your rights as a consumer is not one of them. Epic/Midway are one of the better companies in this regard.

    Sure, having to login to GameSpy straight-away is bad design; I guarantee the developers know this as well. I hardly see how this is a big restriction placed on your ability to use the product. Hit the play offline button.