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    Carnage Canyon is a Shade Mistress map. She's in T5K.


      I'm talking about Terra_Sirenum (my bad for not clarifying)
      Link for proof


        Speaking of Gods of Warfare, who play mostly pc now, but used to run 2 dedicated ps3 servers.... And also going back to the problem of "Team Stacking", which I effing hate hate hate... GOW has a great little mod called Justice that balances teams better than Titan Team Fix, by PacerX I believe. Then there's the whole issue of stat tracking being custom even though gameplay is pure, but that's a completely different thread. Cheers!

        *Edit - link for ps3 justice and anti-idle



          2. Spec better players. Don't just watch either, ask WHY they do what they do. If someone scores highly because they sit in a mega vehicle all game, ignore them. They're terrible. But if someone runs orbs, or protects nodes and scores well, watch them. Start by copying their strategy and then make it your own over time.

          3. Don't do the most obvious thing. This is something "veterans" do and it drives me nuts. If you're going to carry the orb, don't run down the middle, in plain sight, on your board with fingers crossed and expect to ever accomplish anything. There are ALWAYS alternative routes and powerups. USE THEM. If you can't think past point A -> B, never, ever, pick up the orb (but see next point).

          4. Pickup the @#$@#'n orb. When you capture a node and the orb spawns there, PICK IT UP. Otherwise node gets taken down, orb gets reset to prior location, all is lost. If you pick it up and live for 5 seconds, it gives your team a chance to push up and secure the node. If you've fulfilled your role here but don't like the orb, feign death, kill yourself, etc, to drop it.

          5. Newsflash: you have a minimap. SERIOUSLY. If you see that your prime is getting pounded, GO HELP. Don't sit around doing whatever it is you do at some random location while your prime node gets lost. I have seen more players sit at flood node who don't do any good there anyway, while prime is getting killed.

          6. HEAL THE NODE. Almost every player I see spawns and runs off, apparently never ever noticing that his node is 1/2 health or below. WHY!? Which leads to...

          7. LOOK AROUND YOU. Is your node low on health? Do you see an enemy orb on your minimap? Which nodes are hurting, where should you be to best help your team. Are there positions that aren't being filled that YOU could fill? Are teammates with orbs directly behind you while you ignorantly grab the armor and boots from him? BE AWARE OF SOMETHING BESIDES YOURSELF YOU INWARDLY FOCUSED @#$@#.

          8. Finally, please, please, use your brain. Somehow people get the impression that fps games are all twitch. They're not. THINK. Rounding a corner where vehicles often pass but don't have an avril out? STUPID. Entering a small room where flack/rockets are appropriate but you have the minigun out? STUPID. Out in a large area where anything BUT rockets is appropriate and you have rockets? STUPID. Trying to shoot a raptor with rockets? YOU'RE BLOWING MY MIND HERE.

          I could go on, but I'd get banned



            Verrrrrrry funny, but all such good advice.


              I'd agree with everything apart from the last one.... shooting a raptor with rockets is a clever idea. A triple fire on lock does not lock on like an avril... so it does have its time and place in a game.

              One thing that really gets on my nerves is when people take jump boots... that is real annoying!!! Good points


                yes I am CO-CREATOR of Terra Sirenum, Nomadicus and I made it. The version with my name on the wall isnt the version on UGL and all versions of this map that are out are still betas. So whats your problem Infra?


                  All good points by frazzle. I'd like to add that you should also be aware of your teams orb carrier. Ive seen so many orb runs fail b/c no1 wants to cover the orb carrier.

                  If you are on foot, stay with the orb carrier and either kill people going after him or run interference for him so he can sneak in to cap the node. This is also a good way to learn effective orb running strats and routes

                  Special Note: I'm sick of people crying about how ISLANDER is so unfair. At 1st glance it is but if you are on the side with the turrets, here are some tips to winning a lot more often.

                  Air Node is imperative. Anything is possible but if you dont control the Air Node you are prolly going to lose fast as the nmes fly raptors straight to your core.

                  Use stingers. You have them, they don't.They have tanks, paladins and don't feel bad by pulling out that stinger and wearing down their team from a distance to ensure you control air node.

                  Man the turrets immediately. Turrets are the best way to keep vehix and foot soldiers from getting to the air node.

                  Play defense. Get your sniper/stinger ready and defend your base. If your team does what it should and you control the Air Node then all you have to do to win is keep some foot soldiers from getting to your core.


                    Originally posted by Segomo View Post
                    If your team does what it should and you control the Air Node then all you have to do to win is keep some foot soldiers from getting to your core.
                    Well, that and hit the enemy Core.


                      Originally posted by Sanch3z View Post
                      yes I am CO-CREATOR of Terra Sirenum, Nomadicus and I made it. The version with my name on the wall isnt the version on UGL and all versions of this map that are out are still betas. So whats your problem Infra?
                      I already stated my problem, partially deleted it, so it's over Don't want to get into it.

                      Originally posted by Harmerty
                      I think it is GOW and not GoW, wouldn't want you to make a stupid mistake like spelling something wrong while you're trying to prove your points...
                      As for the rest, make a challenge and quit whining like a 5 yr old school girl who got her lollipop stolen!! We need a Defeated «Púß°Gaming*Clan by our name
                      Thanks I guess I could of just copied and pasted the clan name like you did :P As for the match, no thanks you guys had you chance, and never showed up. Maybe another time (please don't quote me and reply, this is not the right thread to be attacking each other) Happy fragging. Back to warfare advice please.


                        One thing I found is that there isnt one central location for tutorials on all aspects of UT3. For a game that is not very noob friendly this is one major thing that is missed out. How is a new player meant to learn how to use the orb/vehicles/general gameplay effectively without first doing the normal mistakes?

                        Me thinks when the expansion comes out, I need to create a website with full tutorials on all aspects of the game. It just seems to be a missing element and it may help keep new players playing


                          Well you learn by doing, that's what. Get online, join a server, blast away. And watch what the other people are doing.

                          You can listen to what they say too, if you want, but I think it's much more useful to watch what they do than listen to what they say. Just like politics.

                          This is play, not work. It does not merit a technical manual. There are things to do that maybe even the level designers didn't think of. You see new things all the time. Look at this

                          By dickbird

                          Now how the heck do you suppose he got that thing up there? That's what I thought when I saw that last week. I've been playing this junk like a year, never seen anyone do that before. I had to disconnect and go screw around in instant action until I figured it out. It would never have occured to me to even try it, if I hadn't seen it online.

                          Not that I think I'll ever bother doing it in game, but that's an example. You watch, you learn.


                            The pc version needs better voice chat. One area where the ps3 version by far surpasses the pc is in the voice chat. The ps3 voice chat is excellent, all you need is a mic, any bluetooth or usb headset will do. The voice the pc game shipped with is bad, and gsc or ventrillo require additional software, not everyone has/uses them. Voice chat helps build community, sportsmanship, and helps form lasting friendships. Poor players want to be taught (mostly) and better players love to share thier knowledge (mostly). I have said this on other threads before. Share the Love!


                              ok dude let me ninja yr brain real quick (a couple warfare tips)

                              when the match starts have some one run to the prime and charge orb goes to the center.

                              If you crash the orb at the prime you have to go back to the core and get another one, you have the prime but you dont have the center, mean while the other team just capped the center and are attacking your prime, most likely before you even make it back to the core.

                              Learn the balance between the weapons, link gun takes out nodes faster, but give it a couple shot with the rocket launcher or the alt fire on the flak canon, then switch to link gun, that way you conserve enough ammo to charge it back up.

                              use vehicles wisely- me personally I dont like vehicles but they get the job done, bulls eying people, bulls eying nodes, crowds of people, cores, using the auto eject from bulls eyes to land in other wise in accesible places ( on tope of roofs, ect.)

                              dont be scared of enemy vehicles no matter how big or small- address them head on ,just cause you died or ran away they are not going any where unless you make them, and if you think there is a night shade near you get your link gun out and spray, once you find it kill it

                              P,S dont leave vehicles out in the open for enemies to steal, and when playing downtown if you can get a tank up the stairs onto your prime that helps out a lot, and if you angle it just right you can see ever entrance to the node.

                              Lean the maps- learn where and when power ups, redeemers, vehicles, weapons, and shaped charges spawn

                              control the spawn- if you shoot at an enemy node, and it registers by blinkin on your hud to show you that its under attack, while its blinking any one who gets killed in that area wont spawn back there, they will spawn to the closet point with the least opposition

                              lear your nodes- learn what certain nodes do and how to use them effectively, avalanche if you have both secondary nodes, you get a tentacle. A tentacle slowly drains the enemy prime, and when destroyed slows the building process by the enemy.You also get new vehicles and weapons depending on the node. This is koo because you are attacking the enemy prime with out touching it, you get a vehicle and a new spawn point, and it diverts the enemies attention from what ever node they are defending

                              always think ahead-think about what you need to do when it needs to be done, know who is where and what they are doing (on your team), talk to them and let them know what you are doing. Think about where the enemy is and what they are doing and figure out the quickest way to disrupt their advances, and do what you have to do for your team to push forward. You literally have to learn how to play offensive defense.

                              there is so much that I can and cant tell you, most things like the things I listed above you can and will only learn from playing and making mistakes. Just think about what you want to do and figure out the quickest way to do it, if some one stop you think of a counter for their counter attack.

                              Just find some good people to play with and learn from them and as you go along, if you have xbl look for a guy named klinedesign, and hit me up as well my gametag is blackmamba502 (warfare Guru)