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why dont more people play ut3?(i just dont understand:()

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    why dont more people play ut3?(i just dont understand:()

    after i started to play ut3 on the pc i completely droped every other game and console becuase the game play is just so good and fun on ut3.ive been playing UT since ut99 and just love the gameplay,maps, graphics,gamemodes,weapons,music just about everything about UT and just dont understand why more people dont play this game.and ive been playing way more online on ut3 than ive played on ut2k4 or ut99.hopefully the expansion brings back earlier ut players and also new ones to get this game back to life.and also i think a lot of new players drop this game online anyway because this game takes a little while to get good at and some of us are so good at this game because we have been playing this game since the begging and they just give up because of that.just wanted to get that off my chest UT RULES

    Well for me the main issue is Gamespy duplicate logins, service unavailable and all that ****.

    Then the second issue is the players, very few people change teams to balance it out, foulmouths and chat\taunt spamming, aimboting\speedhacking.

    The third issue is the lack of good ping servers the only servers I have good ping were Epic\Midway Europe ones aside from those only a handfull spread across all the gametypes are less than 100ping.

    I don't mind playing up to 160 ping I can deal with that but sometimes add the ping to certain maps that are heavy on the fps and it gets a bit unconfortable to play.

    But hopefully this expansion will be a real expansion or rather a big add on instead of a whole new game, unless Epic will make it so that the UT3 content can be easily ported over.
    But regardless for me as long the players get along and contribute to a fun gameplay enviroment I can deal with a few bugs and high ping.


      I still play often but UT3 is by far the buggiest release in the series. The patches have helped the UI and several problems but after a year, it still crashes on Deck and Omicron like clock work.

      Many of the hard core PC players have gone back to 2k4 or TF2. It is sad to see a dynasty die this kind of death.....


        I don't think UT3 is the buggiest release, but it certainly has the most noticeable problems/annoyances.


          for me, the biggest problem is the high ping, I suffer the same problem as VoodooMaster. The game is great, but the high ping kills it

          edit: cool ingame name UTlOvEr. mine is Insenia :P


            They don't play more UT3 online probably because:
            UT3-Beta Release (1 year ago-Nov 2007): no redirection of files working (no dl of custom maps)
            Patch 1.1 (Dec 2007 +1 Month): Players got disconnect when switching to custom map (if they don't have map)
            Patch 1.2 (Feb 2008 +2 Months): Added support for >32p servers but they all always crash.
            Patch 3 (August 2008 +6 Months): Download of custom maps finally work,but still many bugs,UI not as good as UT2004 one
            Patch 1.4: Feb 2009?

            Some players left simply because Epic took too much time releasing patches (or at least if they had released a big patch that would have fixed 90% of bugs ...).
            Lot of people will be probably disappointed when Epic will release patch 1.4 and the expansion as i have been with patch 1.3 which i thought it would fix 90% of bug.


              Well the main reason is that it has a steeper learning curve than your average game. People give up easily.


                Originally posted by PeterS_01 View Post
                for me, the biggest problem is the high ping, I suffer the same problem as VoodooMaster. The game is great, but the high ping kills it

                edit: cool ingame name UTlOvEr. mine is Insenia :P
                strang you have a ping problem i am dutch too but i dont have a problem with ping ping of 160 stilll play nice if you learn too play with it i met pll with a ping 225 and there ar good even with that ping


                  Gamespy does not accurately report pings on the filter screen - so good servers with low ping appear to have high ping and nobody plays on them.

                  Maps are large, and are deleted from the cache after a month, reading to multiple re-downloads for those not in the know.

                  As a result, good servers with custom maps never had a chance to work.

                  It's the inability of UT3 to bring the amazing custom content that exists to the playerbase that has caused the game not to get a second peak in players, as happened to ut2004.

                  As you point out, the game is now pretty fixed, and plays amazingly. Hopefully with the expansion, which hopefully will be cheap, put we'll have to pay for, and does not require pre-purchase of UT3 (as crysis did) THen people will hopefully pick it up and play.

                  All the game now needs is the critical mass of players. Getting that critical mass is actually very difficult - very few games have ever succeeded.

                  The learning curve bit is also critical.

                  There should have been skill matched servers in the early days so that good players didn't slaughter newbies. There also needs to be robust tutorials for skills and tactics.


                    reasons y no one plays it anymore:

                    1. no support from epic. look at valve they release updates, patches to TF2 on pc regularly without releasing an expansion. this expansion thing is epics gimmick to get more $ out of us.
                    2. High ping servers (atleast in AU/NZ). same servers that run tf2 with 32 players have lower ping than ut3 with 24 players. I'm assuming both games are more or less equal on bandwidth consumption.
                    3. even if you want to play against bots you cant coz bots cant drive vehicles well. As an example, i dont think a bot can get a scorpion out of base in tank crossing 99% of the time.
                    4. they focused too much on consoles and dummbed down the ui completely. although this is not a gameplay breaking feature, its an embarassment considering epics been making pc games for a long time and every pc game they made had an awesome ui until they released gears of war.
                    5. once again they dont support their game or their community. i really dont want to pay for the expansion. it better be half price.
                    6. from the studio that brought you gears of war.
                    7. from the studio that brought you gears of war 2.
                    8. from the studio that is bringing you the movie gears of war.
                    9. PS3 version supports mods.

                    as you can see... its consoles all the way although pc is easy to make for and support. i used to love epic but i hate what they have become . Before, they made high quality, polished and tested online play. These days, its make something and release it unfinished. They are focused on making more $$$ than making a better game. Atleast thats the impression I get.

                    Worst part is if you voice you concerns, they delete your post and/or thread.



                      Well I hope I finally can say "wow" this year on a patch release or an expansion.
                      Actually they had to wait some longer before they released ut3 it would have been a way better game when they spended some more time on it.

                      UT3 is a good game but it has alot of bugs that NEED to be fixed if a player wants to enjoy it.


                        The real reason they left is because 2004 is way better. More people play 2004 than ut3


                          I'm with the previous poster. I didn't find the gameplay of UT3 as compelling as despite owning multiple copies of UT3 it's ut2004 I still play.


                            A lot of 2k4 fanboys flamed the living hell out of it for months, and told everyone they could to avoid it and that it was dead.
                            Combine that with a bad launch (not much media and a lot of other releases at the same time) and a buggy demo and it didn't really have a chance.
                            If we can get the 2k4 trolls to shut up, we can get the niche community going for this that most other Unreal games have these days, especially the truly innovative titles: UC2 and XMP...

                            Originally posted by Piglet View Post
                            I'm with the previous poster. I didn't find the gameplay of UT3 as compelling as despite owning multiple copies of UT3 it's ut2004 I still play.
                            I'm exactly the opposite. I found 2k4 far less engaging and satisfying than even UT1, and the sheer brutality and unforgiving nature of 3 is much more exciting.
                            Did you ever play the first one, by chance? Or Unreal itself?

                            Part of the problem is that when they ported Unreal Championship to PC under the 2k3 title, they ****** off a lot of the original fanbase that is attracted to UT's grounded, hardcore, close-range playstyle, and the void was filled by an entirely new fanbase that didn't necessarily play any of the previous titles and didn't know that the 2kx series is actually just an overblown console game.

                            I have nothing against the Championship style, but I'd preferr it stay in Championship where it belongs, if for no other reason than because that's where it belongs. If Tournament steals it, it will take from UC quite a bit that makes it unique, and it has no right to do so.
                            UT has always been multiplatform, so fit hey made Championship multiplatform as well, they could continue both playstyles and potentially accomodate both fanbases.